After insects comes seaweed: superfood & super ingredient 2017.

It’s everywhere: ground up for smoothies, used in morning cereals in Asia, in aperitifs, in cosmetic active ingredients, etc. Seaweed has even become the star of Instagram, thanks to “mermaid toast” in blue and green shades due to spirulina.

Micro and macro-algae, known for its multiple properties (rich in protein, in antioxidants and in minerals), is now being spotlighted in creative and appetising ways. Some seaweed has a proven detox effect, making it more than just a “healthy” plant food.

 This food trend in on the rise:
60% of Germans have tried or would like to try seaweed as a protein source (Mintel 2016)

“Seaweed may not be the next kale, but it’s certainly something we’ll be eating. Alga oil is already in a number of foods…and seaweed is starting to make itself known from a culinary side as being part of Japanese cuisine and part of a healthful Asian diet, but also for its delicious umami flavour.” Food Business News, US – 2017

Spirulina, a superstar and energy champion:
The volume of spirulina used for food and beverages is expected to quintuple in 2020 from 2014, and the natural food-colouring industry to grow at an average annual rate of 6.8% in that time frame. (The Food Marketing Institute)

 From food to beauty:

A rich and abundant raw material:

“The seaweed revolution. It’s green, local, high-tech and has super powers to protect our skin from the effects of time. In 2017, laboratories are undergoing a revolution: seaweed is surging like a tidal wave on researchers’ benches, who are distilling their benefits in hair products, slimming creams, sun care products and detox formulas. It is especially the new star of anti-ageing.” Elle, FR-2017



  • Tali Seaweed crisps by Aqua B (Algues Marinoe)
  • Spirulina crackers by Arthrospira Gourmet Spiruline
  • Spirulina-Peppermint Kombucha, by La Brasserie Lökki
  • Nori seaweed tartare, by Bord à Bord
  • Spirunoix, dried biscuits, by Tiboom


  • Super Boost: Energie et Tonus, by Algo’Nergy
  • Gourmet Spiruline


  • Hydro Effect Serum, anti-pollution serum, by Lavera


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