Organic Cosmetics and Hygiene Products : a growing and innovative sector

While the composition of many conventional cosmetic and hygiene products is regularly singled out for criticism, the organic cosmetics product market is on the rise. According to the latest figures of the Agence BIO/CSA Barometer 2017, 43% of French people bought this type of product in 2016, an improvement on the 24% recorded in 2013. Today, French people have a wide choice of products made from organic ingredients and which are certified with labels. In particular, the labels Cosmebio® or Natrue are internationally-recognised and both will be at the trade show.

This diversity and vitality of the organic cosmetics and hygiene product market in France and abroad will soon be spotlighted at NATEXPO 2017, on 22, 23 and 24 October, at Paris Nord Villepinte.

Top names from a bountiful sector

The biggest names in organic cosmetics hygiene products, all regulars at the show, have already signed up, some of whom on very large spaces, such as Florame, Argiletz, Laboratoires Natescience, Nature.cos, Melvita, Najjar, Odysud and Douces Angevines. For others, with particularly innovative approaches, it will be their first time, such as Alphanova, Eumadis-Dermaclay and Guérande Cosmetics.

International vitality

This year, NATEXPO also welcomes international players from the world of organic cosmetics and hygiene products. More and more foreign participants are coming to the show, including Natracare and Mooncup from the United Kingdom, Harmony Natural from the USA, Scientia Natura from Switzerland, Bioturm or Laverana from Germany, and many exhibitors from Morocco grouped in the Moroccan pavilion. The latter receive export support from Maroc Export on local organic cosmetic products, notably argan and rhassoul-based products.
This year, NATEXPO welcomes the association behind the Natrue label. This international not-for-profit association was founded in 2007 with the aim of protecting and promoting natural and organic cosmetics in the interest of consumers all over the world. It launched the Natrue label in 2008, founded on transparency and an independent certification system. Today, the international market has over 4,700 Natrue certified products, including major brands such as Weleda, Dr. Hauschka, Beauty Garden, Dermoplant, etc.

In addition to the exhibitors presenting their innovations and successes, the show will also provide professionals with a dedicated area for sharing and discovering: the “Cosmetics Innovations Village”.

“Cosmetics Innovations Village”: Three days of events in a dedicated area

In the “Cosmetics and Hygiene Products” sector of NATEXPO 2017, Cosmébio® will be organising events throughout the duration of the show. Professionals from the sector will be invited to attend talks and presentations about market innovations and key ingredients. They will be able to test new products in the “Testing bar” and they will have access to treatment workshops and massage and make-up workshops led by a professional aesthetician. The Cosmetics Innovations Village will also host stands of innovative exhibitors in the organic cosmetics sector.

Organic cosmetics and hygiene products: a dynamic market

The organic cosmetics and hygiene product sector has been experiencing record growth in recent years. Production of organic cosmetics grew 10% in value in 2015. The headcounts of the companies questioned as part of the Natexbio / Astérès survey also grew at the same rate as turnover, with a 12% increase in 2015.

Natexpo 2017 is a perfect illustration of this dynamism, with the sector dedicated to organic cosmetics and hygiene products 20% larger compared to the last edition.

Innovation driving organic and natural cosmetics

NATEXPO 2017 is a vital meeting place to find out all the latest from the lively organic cosmetics and hygiene products market. According to the Natexbio / Astérès survey, around 9 out of 10 companies in the sector launched a new product in 2015 .

French and international exhibitors will present their latest products in the areas of body creams, gels, oils and lotions, manicure, pedicure, make-up and shaving products, soaps, toothpastes, shampoos, perfumes, feminine hygiene products, etc. Alphanova, for example, will be displaying its new products based on spring water from Montrun-les-Bains.

Comptoir des Lys will introduce the new graphic identity of its Coslys range, as well as new products concerning all of its own brands (Silvercare, Preserve). Comptoir des Lys sees the show as a key event for its entire business.

Nature cos will be focusing on its brand “Couleur Caramel” and will present its new range “Signature by Couleur Caramel”. These are high-end refillable make-up products. With this innovative concept, consumers have copper kits which can be refilled endlessly with lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc. These kits will be available in little pouches to make them easy to carry.

What exhibitors say

Unusual ingredients such as absinth or buffalo grass
Bomoï was founded in 2010 by Céline Lérus: “I decided to leave the world of audio-visual to get started in organic cosmetics. For me, this career change was natural, passed down through the family, the influence of my grandmothers: one was a perfume maker for large companies, and the other a nurse with a love for plants. It was therefore natural for me to go into organic cosmetics and I decided to see my sustainable approach through to the end by founding my own company in the form of a co-operative with a partner. It was a first in the organic cosmetics sector in France! Today we are a team of three and we offer products that contain concentrated active plant and floral ingredients with low water content. Our range is based on universal solutions, suitable for all skin types and the entire family. In addition, we also offer very original ingredients, such as absinth or buffalo grass.

Today, we are seeking to develop internationally and we are convinced that NATEXPO can help us.”

Guérande, unique cosmetics sourced from the salt marshes
Guérande Cosmetics is taking part in NATEXPO for the first time. This new and innovative brand was founded in 2016 and sells products made from active ingredients harvested from salt marshes.
“Guérande Cosmetics is the start of a brand new organic sector which now allows salt workers to make use of the natural resources of the salt marshes which were unexploited until now: mother liquors, algae, plants, clays. Guérande products contain natural active principles extracted from the plants and algae that grow in the salt marshes and which, in order to live in this extreme environment, have developed an anti-oxidant, hydrating and repairing defence system. The mother liquors collected from the salts restore the skin’s minerals and promote the assimilation of the other active ingredients.
Our participation in NATEXPO is an important way for us to get our approach and our products known.”