Provisional workshop programme for Cosmetics Innovations Village

Discover the new products and niche brands on the natural and organic cosmetics market. On its space, COSMEBIO will be organising a series of special events to show visitors all the latest on-trend and innovative products! Throughout the exhibition, they will have the opportunity to test products, listen to brands as they present their new releases, and be pampered!



On the agenda, talks delivered by the COSMEBIO ® association and its certification subsidiary, COSMECERT®:

  • Using the innovative COSMOS standards to develop sales of natural and organic cosmetics – 2 talks given in French and one in English.
  • COSMECERT, new certification body for your natural and organic cosmetics.

Cosmébio labelled brands will present their innovations:

  • Exclusive preview launch of the double nutrition serum by EKIA: the advantages of a dual formula, why and how effective?
  • Innovation Packaging: our expert talks about the sugar cane sector in the production of LEA NATURE’s 100% plant-based PE.
  • Slow happiness attitude: the new beauty mindsets for French cosmetics with the focus on creating emotions, by LES HAPPYCURIENNES
  • Innovation at the heart of organic grapevines by SARMANCE. Recovering the antioxydants contained in vine plant matter.
  • Luness products, a one-of-a-kind offering in mass retail, by SADINAT
  • GUERANDE Cosmetics: discover a new range of organically certified face and body care based on natural active ingredients harvested in the Guérande salt marshes
  • An exclusive preview of the properties and applications of 3 new natural ingredients sourced from the shea tree: the shea nutshell, the shea flower and shea flower honey, by KARETHIC 
  • MARLAY Celandine lotion, at last, a gentle and sustainable alternative to treat cuticles and calluses.
  • A natural answer for all sensitive skin: the Druide Pur-Pure range, both organic and hypoallergenic.
  • The laboratory Phyto-Actif’s take on cosmetics innovation



Brands will also offer you care treatments including:

  • Natural and organic care treatment from Morocco by AYDA
  • Hydration boost by JONZAC
  • Massage and care treatment by LUNESS
  • “Millésime” hand care by SARMANCE
  • Treatments with the new GUERANDE cosmetics range




Enjoy a moment of relaxation with a beautician who will make you up entirely organically!

Partner brands: Bo.Ho Green, Couleur Caramel, Miss W.





A lounge will be at your disposal to allow you to discover the latest Cosmébio labelled products in a relaxing environment!