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Natexpo in 2017

3 November 2016
Accelerating organic trends
Natexpo, the international trade show for organic products, is the event that is shaping the future of organic

All organic business happens at Natexpo

  • 820 exhibitors, 20% international, 29 countries represented
  • 12,000 visitors expected, 14% international, 76 represented countries
  • A larger exhibition area in 2017: +40% additionnal sqm

Natexpo leads the way in its field as the first show in Europe to bring together an exhaustive range of ingredients, finished products and retail solutions grouped into 6 sectors.


  • Organic food and wines;
  • Health food and dietary supplements;
  • Cosmetics and personal care;
  • Household and personal products and services
2 new sectors :
  • Services and equipement for retail;
  • Ingredients and raw materials

Floor Plan



Going international

With 16% of exhibitors from 26 countries, and 14% of non-French visitors from 76 different countries, NATEXPO continues its international deployment with the aim of helping trade professionals in their growth ambitions, whether searching for new export markets or widening their product sourcing channels.

NATEXPO closely espouses the needs of professionals in specialist retail, mass retail, catering, import-export, etc. It shows off the very latest in the industry in order to give new momentum to the business activities of the market’s leading figures both in France and beyond. In particular, the trade show offers business meetings to allow exhibitors to meet leading purchasers from around the world. 96% of the exhibitors in 2013 were satisfied with the show.[1] It has proven to be a real ‘hit’ and offers an unique opportunity to build new relationships, bringing exhibitors and buyers even closer together.

[1]Source: NATEXPO exhibitor survey 2015