Vegans gain strength at Natexpo

Adopted by people who refuse livestock products, the vegan diet, and more generally the vegan lifestyle is gaining ground. More than banning animal-source food from their plates, it is also about removing animal products from their daily life, from cosmetics to clothes. Goodbye, then, to beauty products whose ingredients are tested on animals.

Nearly 200 Natexpo exhibitors are presenting products that meet these requirements. They can be found on the vegan visitor trail.


Food products:

LE SOJAMI: spreads made of garlic and herbs, pepper and 5 berries, and walnuts.

GAIA SARL: faux gras de Gaia, an alternative to foie gras, 100% plant-based and animal-friendly.

NATURE ET EXPRESSION: these vegan and gluten-free cookies are also organic, soybean-free, wheat-free, kosher and palm oil free: “Kookie Cat” is an oat-based cookie with versions mixed with hemp, cacao nibs and walnuts, vanilla and chocolate, and others.

LES DELICES DU CHEF: vegan crêpes and blinis

LOU BIO: launch of a range of gluten-free and vegan biscuits

TAGLAB: launch of a range of vegan ice cream


Cosmetic products:

KARETHIC: Karethic skincare products for the face, body and hair are certified organic, vegan and fair trade.

BIOTURM: vegan shampoos

Les HAPPYCURIENNES: the first organic and vegan range of complete anti-stress treatments


Food supplements and dietary products:

SALVIA NUTRITION: perilla plant oil, vegan, with high omega 3 content, as an alternative to fish oils.

CATALYONS LABORATOIRES: trace elements and other food supplements are certified not tested on animals and contain no animal substances.



EDITIONS LA PLAGE publishing house regularly releases new publications on the vegan lifestyle, covering a variety of topics: snacks, pastries, cooking for novices or for babies, Christmas cooking, health food, etc.



View the list of vegan exhibitors here