A forum for creativity and demonstration by chefs from prestigious addresses. Located in the Organic Food sector and open onto the aisles, The Organic Cookery Worshop is the laboratory for authentic and healthy cooking. Visitors will taste the preparations made with the innovative products of exhibitors.

2019 Chefs

Mathieu Afonso

Jean-Baptiste Ascione

Clément Bidard

Fabien Borgel

François Gagnaire

Richard Guyomard

Christophe Haton

Frédéric Jaunault

Jean-Pierre Martin

Stéphane Pitré

Denis Vermont



Sunday 20th October

10.30: Raw Food (Fabien Borgel)

11.45: Vegetal (Jean-Baptiste Ascione)

1.00: Detox (Frédéric Jaunault)

2.15: Local-mad – Collective catering in school environment (Jean-Pierre Martin)


Monday 21st October

10:30: Collective catering in hospitals (Denis Vermont)

11:45: Auvergne organic products (François Gagnaire)

1.00: Lactose-free (Clément Bidard)

2:15: Vegan dish (Mathieu Afonso)


Tuesday 22nd October

11:45: Armed forces collective catering – Organic fish (Richard Guyomard)

1.00: Zero waste (Christophe Haton)

2:15: Fermentation (Stéphane Pitré)

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