2021 Programme


Sunday 24th October 2021

11:00: Introduction and presentation of the Lab

11:30: Innovative offerings for eco-design and CSR policies
With A demain, Bio’m Paris, Sorewards

14:00: Innovations in loose goods selling
With Webulk, Mayam by vracoop, Smart Vrac, Moulin Malin, Bric à vrac, Mywah

15:30: Anti-waste and upcycling solutions
With Smartway, Cocomiette, Ramen tes drêches, Green Griot, Green Mamma


Monday 25th October 2021

10:30: Eco-packaging and deposit return solutions
With Little Pots, Tipa, Mizenboite, Alterosac, Lao Care

13:30: Everyday use eco-products: zero-waste consumption
With Angie be green, Zero officiel , Cap bamboo, Happy Turtle Straw, Wash

15:00: Eco-products for natural consumption and growing
With Alkanatur, Maïka Ko, Jardinat, Mon ami Hakko, Solar Brother, Les Verts Moutons


Tuesday 26th October 2021

10:30: Everyday use eco-products: hygiene and care products
Last Object, Ears 360, Pimpant, Paos, Merlin prêt à frotter, Popee, Danika, Clever beauty, Beauty Mix

15:30: Presentation of the Lab finalists in each category

16:00: Presentation of trophy to 2021 winner


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