On the dynamic organic market, the number of independent entrepreneurs is increasing across the entire value chain and particularly in the logistics branch.

Proximity, influence of regional know-how, more sustainable and fairer relationships are the founding principles of these companies and projects led by independents.


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ELIBIO: the collective brand for independent organic retailers

At the end of 2017, the founder members of ANEB filed the “Élibio” collective brand and its baseline “Les Épiciers Bio”, a brand exclusively reserved for members of the association. Elibio is born of the idea to create a collective brand for independent shops, with entry-range products at attractive prices to fight the growing hold of large supermarkets. 

The regulations for using the brand define the shop’s commitments concerning the marketing of products, promotional activities, advertising campaigns and other sales approaches.

In an organic retail landscape that has changed vastly in recent years, the independent shops that initiated the emergence of this sector clearly demonstrate vigour, as shown by the innovative collective brand, Élibio. 

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BIODIS: at the service of independent shops

Biodis has over 30 years’ experience in the wholesale distribution of organic products.

In 1988, when the organic market slowly started to gain importance in France, Biodis began its activity by selling on organic fruit and vegetable markets. It was then asked to supply other sellers and, little by little, it became the leader in Brittany. Situated on two sites, Nantes’ and Rennes’ “markets of national interest” (MIN), Biodis has 7,000 references in 10,000 m² of storage space, including 4,000 m² of refrigerated premises, 230 suppliers and 80 employees.

Today, Biodis draws on its Breton roots to develop partnerships and list regional producers and processors, thereby promoting local brands.

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PRONADIS: a new style of wholesale

In just a few years, the organic distribution landscape has radically changed, with new consumers, new ambitious players from mass retail, etc. To meet the need for the specialist network to adapt to this new landscape, Pronadis is reinventing the wholesale profession to become a true specialist in the different types of products it distributes.

This in-depth work has been carried out in all segments and has led to the creation of direct channels with certain producers.

With 8,500 references, segmentation into specialist areas and committed teams who work in a family spirit, a shop can now build a full and competitive assortment by sourcing only from Pronadis. Their ambition now is to replicate the success achieved in the South-West on a nationwide scale.

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