Organic sales reached €9.7 million (+15.4%), with all product categories up thanks to the efforts deployed by distribution and manufacturers to put together category streams and secure supplies.

The long-standing organic retailers are revisiting their concepts. The green wave is becoming a tidal wave, organic is reinventing itself powerfully and with fun. The eco-aware vision is no longer sufficient: it is time for action, through creative initiatives.

Natexpo is decoding for you the major trends of 2019.

MACRO-TREND #1 : Increasing commitment #GREEN GIANT

  1. Collective (Eco)awareness
  2. Transparency 3.0, the new foundation of the contract of trust
  3. All-round integrity

Trend card available soon.

MACRO-TREND #2 : The Subzero system, aiming for a circular economy

  1. 100% Bio…degradable
  2. Feminine hygiene, 100% clean
  3. The loose trade #nopackaging
  4. Zero waste
  5. Even more organic: water free

Trend card available soon.

MACRO-TREND #3 : Green fun, the new hedonism

  1. Happy green, a new credo
  2. Healthy Mixology
  3. Green gastronomy
  4. Wellness to take away

Trend card available soon.

MACRO-TREND #4 : The Biotech Boom

  1. Biotech : reinventing the natural word
  2. The (micro)biome revolution

Trend card available soon.

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