The coconut has become the unmissable naturality star in food and cosmetics departments. Previously used mainly in its pure form, it is now being reinvented in a range of textures and its taste is mixed with that of other fruit. It sometimes plays a role of an excellent substitute, successively inventing itself as water, milk, butter or oil, and brings a welcome twist to entire product categories.

But other, more unusual nuts are also emerging, such as the Brazil nut and the tigernut. What nut’s next?



  • Coconut Cuisine, coconut cream for cooking, by The Bridge 
  • Coco Frostick, a vegan ice cream made from coconut milk, by Abbot Kinney’s 
  • Coconut milk powder, by Biercors 
  • King Coconut Water, by Nature et Expression 
  • Coconut milk and mixed fruit with exotic fruits, by La Compagnie du Riz
  • Red curry and coconut milk with aubergines and sriracha sauce, par Pro Sain 
  • Brazil Nut Drink, by The Bridge 
  • Plant-based drink with tigernut, by Babbagigi SAS 

Dietary supplements:

  • Green walnut dietary supplements, by Kario Energie 


  • Organic coconut shower cream (biodegradable formula) by Laboratoires Natescience