This space, designed in partnership with the trade association SYNADIET, is a place for advice, education and discovery, with corners offering visitors the chance to explore the entire business sector, from the raw material to the finished product.

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In partnership with SYNADIET (the French dietary supplement association), Natexpo takes centre stage with the introduction of the Dietary Supplements feature. As a platform for innovation and information, it will allow the sector’s buyers and sellers to get up to date on the latest industry developments and develop their business and know-how.

Through about 15 talks, this space offers visitors advice, information and training on a range of topics such as nutritional advice for people with special diets (vegetarians, vegans, athletes, elderly people, pregnant women, slimming or gluten-free diets, etc.), plants that can be used for everyday health, specific regulations on plant-based dietary supplements…

In addition to the discovery of plants used in food supplements, SYNADIET will present their history and age-old traditional use in many parts of the world

Sunday 23 september 2018

10.30: Organic dietary supplements: at a regulatory crossroads
(Elodie Veyret, regulatory affairs officer, Synadiet)

11.30: The Dietary Supplement market
(Claire Guignier, public affairs and communications officer, Synadiet)

2.30: Regulation of claims: on a pack, in an advert, in-store, what can we say about products?
(Elodie Veyret, regulatory affairs officer, Synadiet)

3.30: Vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free: what dietary supplements for what needs? (Delphine Dupont, managing director, Synadiet)

Monday 24 september 2018

10.30: Deciphering the labelling of a dietary supplement
(Elodie Veyret, regulatory affairs officer, Synadiet)

11.30: Stress, digestion, vitality, joints: what dietary supplements for what purpose?
(Delphine Dupont, managing director, Synadiet)

12.30: Essential oils: precautions to be taken for their safe use
(Elodie Veyret, regulatory affairs officer, Synadiet)

3.00 : What place for dietary supplements in illness prevention and maintaining good health?
(Delphine Dupont, managing director, Synadiet)

4.30: Spirulina, harpagophytum, curcuma, etc: the latest trending ingredients (Charlotte Henry, Consultant – Health food Communication & Marketing Project Manager, Nutrikeo)

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