Natexpo stands up for environmental friendliness and the reduction of ecological footprint, both fundamental values for us. We are commited to assure an eco-friendly and zero-waste environment, from planning through project implementation.

  • An energy efficient exhibition hall: Hall 7 of Paris Nord Villepinte is the first exhibition hall labelled HQE (High Environmental Quality), recognized driver for the HQE certification of the exhibition halls through several improvements :
    • Sustainable mobility : 5 charging points for electric vehicles on the PE8 parking, and clean vehicles available for employees.
    • Sustainable building : green roof, solar chimney, heat pump and ventilation natural, low energy consumption building, regulation of rainwater harvesting, synthetic glazing and blinds to regulate natural light, reducing impermeable surfaces.
    • Circular economy : waste was sorted and collected on a few events in 2018
    • Biodiversity : installation of beehives in the exhibition centre, and abundant green spaces. 
  • Waste management :
    • During stand assembly and dismantling, cardboard and wood waste is collected separately from exhibitors
    • During the show, visitors are offered the chance to sort their waste
    • Waste is then sorted, packed and shipped to the appropriate waste recovery processes
    • At Natexpo 2018 : Ecover invites you to recycle your plastic waste! Leave your empty bottles on their booth, B28
  • Cleaning equipment used during the show comprises eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • 75% of the show signage is made of cardboard.
  • Eco-friendly stand fittings, with low-energy lighting, carpeting subsequently recycled and PEFC-certified reusable partition walls.
  • Promotional documents printed entirely on recycled paper or on paper from sustainably managed forests.
  • You will find a charging point for electric vehicles on the VIP parking.
  • Zero waste with a commitment to French Red Cross in 2018 : the French Red Cross teams were allowed to tour the stands on the last afternoon of the show to ask exhibitors for their unconsumed products during stand dismantling.
    In total, 2 tons of products were collected.
    We thank the exhibitors for their generosity and the volunteers of the Red Cross for their availability.


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