Created in 2005, the Natexpo Awards single out the most innovative, useful, practical and original products launched on the market during the year.


In 2022, more than 240 new products – 21 % more than in 2020 – were submitted to the jury, in 8 categories of the Awards Competition : fresh products, sweet grocery products, savory grocery products, beverages, dietary supplements, cosmetics and hygiene products, household and personal products and services and, equipment for retail and brands.

In 2022, a new prize was created to award one international product across all categories, as an International Special Mention from the jury, in order to highlight the potential of innovation of Natexpo foreign exhibitors.

The judges assess the products on the criteria of innovation, consumer benefits and their main performances. The essential organic certification and products’ retail prices are also taken into consideration. All the products are tasted or tried out by the judges.



Fresh Products

Golden Award

TAHARAMA with smoked white beans and Britanny dulse (seaweed)

L’Atelier V’ revisits tarama, a world mezze and a classic appetizer, with a recipe that is conscientious and joyous, plant-based, genuinely organic, local and astounding in realism.

Booth M130

Silver Award

Organic stirred yoghurt

This yoghurt is organic, made with the fresh milk of the day at the farm. Marketed in pouches (1.2kg, 3kg and 5kg). It is distributed locally to supermarkets, collective catering and sold by bulk.

Booth M154



Sweet Grocery Products

Gold Award

Passion fruit and mango flavoured ewe’s and goat’s milk dessert

A stirred mix of ewe’s and goat’s milk, sold in a glass jar to serve three, and featuring a short ingredient list. Available for consumption on the go or for retail, it also stores well and can be kept for a long time at room temperature.
A true anti-waste solution!

Booth I109

Silver Award

KIGNON Lemon-Almond

These innovative shortbread biscuits made from unsold bread, are made and packed by people with a disability.

Booth J152



Savoury Grocery Products

Gold Award

Curry Coco Couscous Cup

An on-the-go and recyclable cup ready to consume in 5 minutes, combining indulgence and health thanks to high amino acid content (cereals and legumes), for an energy packed meal. 100% plant-based.

Booth B110

Silver Award

DAO Appetizer biscuits – Spicy Indian Curry

These flavoursome biscuits are made with an Indian curry paste. With a hint of Cayenne pepper, they are just spicy enough to take you on a journey!

Booth F128




Gold Award


Sparkteez, the first all-French non-alcoholic sparkling tea – 17 calories – 4.4g of sugar and 0/0/0 of everything else… and even better: 0% alcohol, with a champagne feel.

Booth O118

Silver Award

Organic Veggy Café

This Veggy Cafè now comes in its new cup format with the same qualities: naturally gluten-free with no added sugar thanks to its Italian rice and marzipan base.

Booth H70



Dietary Supplements

Gold Award

Nomadic Detox Blend

The only one of its kind in France, our detox blend revolutionises the use and vision of cider vinegar with an innovative recipe and packaging designed with a thought for customers and retailers.

Booth H68

Silver Award

Guayapi Moringa

GUAYAPI Moringa is an ayurvedic superfood that has been consumed for thousands of years, with high iron and plant protein content, originating from bio-diversified garden-forests in Sri Lanka.

Booth G21



Cosmetics and Hygiene

Gold Award

Self-tanning drops

The new biological tanning reflex! These self-tanning drops, combined with a face or body care cream, help to retain all the benefits of the skincare product while improving a tan.

Booth I38

Silver Award

Freyja Creamy Protecting Balm DOUCES ANGEVINES

A creamy face balm, Freyja nourishes the skin deeply, protects it from bad weather, calms red skin and lights up the complexion. Its plant-based formula with garden macerates gives a velvety touch to the skin.

Booth L28



Household and Personal Products and Services

Gold Award

Epur powder for dilution

With the Epur powder for dilution, no futile transport of water, and less plastic thanks to the use of a rechargeable bottle to dilute the power in water.

Booth J59

Silver Award

Solid washing-up detergent

The latest version of solid washing-up detergent is more effective and lasts longer. Both economical and ecological, it eradicates 100% of packaging and transported water.

Booth I76



Services and Equipment for Retail and Brands

Gold Award


Spicoj, the first solution enabling the loose distribution of powders, spices, herbs and berries. It distributes just the right amount, and contributes to reducing waste.

Booth K80

Silver Award

Sequoia Circulaire

Sequoia buys back Sequoia Factory wooden standalone shelf units for €30, and reconditions them in a sheltered work organisation to give them a second life.

Booth J101




International Special Mention



GIMBER n°2 Brut is a concentrate of organic ginger, alcohol free, with yuzu and lemon thyme, with 50% less sugar than the original and iconic version of GIMBER.

Booth G141


The Natexpo Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday September 18th at 5 p.m. on La Maison de la Bio / NATEXBIO booth (I80).

Visitors will be able to discover the winning products of the 2022 NATEXPO Awards in a dedicated area located at the entrance to the show.


The 2022 Natexpo Awards judges

Members of the jury :

  • Mirabelle BELLOIR / Journalist, LSA
  • Olivier COSTIL / Managing Editor, Monde du Bio Gourmet
  • François DESCHAMPS / Managing Editor, Plan B(io)
  • Anne DUPUY / Eco-friendly and organic fashion specialist
  • Gaëlle FREMONT / Founder of INGREBIO
  • Camille HAREL / Journalist, LSA
  • Angélique HOULBERT / Journalist, France 5
  • Laure JEANDEMANGE / Managing Editor, Les Nouvelles Esthétiques
  • Antoine LEMAIRE / Managing Editor, Biolinéaires
  • Isabelle MARTINET / Journalist, France 2
  • Christine RIVRY-FOURNIER / Managing Editor, BIOFIL
  • Fiona SIMONCUCCI / Vice-president of CNJE (Junior-enterprise National Confederation)
  • Christine ZALEJSKI / Baby Food Consultant and Founding Director of the Cubes & Petits pois blog


Natexpo Awards 2021
Photo Natexpo 2021. Non-mandatory face mask according to public health measures in force at the time of the show.


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