The Global organic market 

In 2019, the global organic market reached 106 billion euros. France is the fastest growing market with a 10,4% rise registered compared to 2019. The French market is now on the podium with a 13.2 billion worth organic market in 2020, behind Germany and the United States. (source: Agence BIO)

The organic market in 2019

Source : FiBL-IFOAM (data from 2019)


A trade exhibition catering to the dynamism of the organic product market in Europe and France.

In a fast-growing European market, France is showing the strongest momentum. 
France topped the rankings with Germany and is now sharing the European leadership. With a 33% import rate, France offers an exceptional growth opportunity for organic

Organic is today part of everyday life in France. In 2020, 9 out of 10 French people are eating and drinking organic and 13% every day. Despite the current health and economic crisis, 80% of French consumers intend to maintain their organic product consumption, and 11% wish to increase it.
(source: Agence BIO)

In order to meet their needs, specialist organic retail is showing a fast expansion. In 2020 in France, we count 2,700 specialist organic stores for 28,5% market share. (source: Natexbio)

Top claims for habits modifications in 2020: 

  • Local sourcing 59% 
  • Fresher products 57%
  • More seasonal products 57%
  • Less waste 56%
  • Cooks more 55%

(source: Agence BIO)


Focusing only on the food sector, the global market for organic products reached 92 billion euros in 2018 and could reach 220 billion by 2025 (source: Bio Organic Lifestyle)


Out-of-home foodservice

Organic on-premises catering holds high development potential, with a noticeable shift in consumer habits over the last five years.

French people are in demand of organic products for their daily consumption, with 78% of them interested in organic food in restaurants and 74% in the workplace. 85% of parents wish to see organic food served in schools. (source: Agence BIO)


Organic cosmetics

France is the second largest market in Europe and 3rd in the world for organic cosmetics, estimated at 757 million euros in 2018, an annual increase of 18,7%.

On a worldwide level, the market is worth 11billion euros in 2018. (source: Cosmébio)


Dietary supplements

The dietary supplement market amounted to 100 billion euros in 2019, up 6% on 2018.

Europe is following the trend with a market estimated at 12,6 billion euros in 2019, a 5% growth compared to 2018. Leading the market are Italy and Germany, before France at the third place. 

The segments that perform the best are: digestion, stress / sleep, vitality and immunity. (source: Synadiet)


To provide an adequate response to cater to this demand which is growing fast, Natexpo offers a trade show strictly open to professionals from the organic, eco-friendly and dietary supplement sector, helping to promote the growth of your company’s sales in Europe and throughout the world.



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