Meet and exchange with industry experts.

Organised in association with BioLinéaires, the Forum offers a programme of short talks based on dialogue between professionals. This is a space to meet and discuss with specialists around key themes for organic stores.

Natexpo 2018 Organic Trends Forum themes

(as at 11/04/18 – subject to modification)

1-Consumption trends (Bio Panel)

Alternative consumption: ethical, organic, vegan… What are consumers looking for, how does this consumption work, how can it be anticipated and capitalised upon?

2-Retail trends

The organic market tomorrow: what place for mass retail and for organic stores? (Ecozept)

Bulk selling, a dynamic market undergoing structural organisation (Célia Rennesson – Réseau Vrac)

– Bulk: a response to consumer requirements today

– Bulk: challenges for stores and manufacturers

Cooperative and participative supermarkets (pending confirmation)

3-Product Trends (Sauveur Fernandez)

New generation organic products for the 2020s: more fun, more committed, closer to us.

4-Society Trends (Sauveur Fernandez)

Organic “made in somewhere”: new proximity, for organic products pinpointed with roots: the local trend decoded and explained in detail, with its consequences on the product offering, manufacturing process, the food supply chain, et cetera.

5- Cosmetics trends (pending confirmation)

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