Innovative SMEs working in the cosmetics industry

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The Cosmetic Innovations Village is an area offering special events held around innovation in cosmetics, in partnership with Cosmebio, the French trade association for eco-friendly and organic cosmetics.


Conference area programme

Sunday 20th October 

11.00: Chasse ô poux (anti-lice treatment) (Katell Perrot, TOO FRUIT)

12.00: Bach flowers and cosmetics (Elixirs & co)

1.00: Ayurveda for cosmetics (CODE (Ayur-Vana brand))

2.00: Saffron: from worldwide pharmacopoeia to cosmetics (DEFI)

3.00: Repairing skin with the treasures of the beehive (BALLOT FLURIN APICULTEURS)

4.00: Zero-waste bathroom (Lamazuna)

5.00: The latest figures from the organic cosmetics market (COSMEBIO)


Monday 21st October

10.00: Superfood, oils an precious balms for ethical cosmetics (Guayapi)

11.00: Organic cosmetics for sensitive skin (LABORATOIRE LEA NATURE)

12.00: Using essentialoils to help mother and baby (ATELIER BULLE)

1.00: The benefits of snail slime (GP Diffusion / Mlle Agathe)

2.00: Ethical sourcing for 360° organic cosmetics (Guayapi)

3.00: The latest figures from the organic cosmetics market (COSMEBIO)

4.00: Bach flowers and cosmetics (Elixirs & co)

5.00: Cosmecert, a certification body for your natural and organic cosmetics


Tuesday 22nd October

10.00: The first COSMOS NAT certified genuine Aleppo soap (TADE PAYS DU LEVANT)

11.00: Organic snail slime, a new form of self-care (RoyeR Cosmétique)

12.00: The latest figures from the organic cosmetics market (COSMEBIO)

1.00: Manuka honey: its history, its benefits, its applications for health (COSMOZ)

2.00: Organic cosmeceuticals (PHYTOBIOLAB )


Treatment workshop programme

Sunday 20th October

10.00: Face Discovery treatment together with foot reflexology (Sophie Prudhomme, Douces Angevines) 

1.00: Hand care ritual / Heavy legs treatment (Jennifer Orhon, NATURALOE

3.00: Granitique, a beneficial balm (Jazz Drymon Fontani, Fées en Provence)

Monday 21st October

10.00: Hand care (Anna Grandjean, Centifolia)

1.00: Hand care ritual / Heavy legs treatment (Jennifer Orhon, NATURALOE)

3.00: Beauty queen with Ballot-Flurin. New, the Grain de Miel exfoliator (Jessie Quantinet, BALLOT FLURIN APICULTEURS)

Tuesday 22nd October

10.00: Energising Ayurvedic treatment (Lucie Prioreschi, LE SECRET NATUREL)

13.00 : Facial care and foot reflexology (Sophie Prudhomme) 

Programme last updated on 22nd August, subject to change


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