In 2017, close to 100 products were displayed in the New Products Gallery. Discover the selection :

Botanico Mix
With its new botanical blends, Amanprana wants to prove that nature supports, strengthens and relieves effectively.
Botanical mixtures are composed of medicinal and revitalizing plants for which there is sufficient scientific evidence of their effects.
Country: Belgium

Gluten-free puff pastries
Gluten-free pies dough ready to use : a real time saver for gluten-free cooking.
Gluten-free puff pastry Biobleud: a generous and crispy puff pastry.
Biobleud Gluten Free pies dough are without conservative agent, without coloring and without artificial flavor.
Country: France

Trésor des Incas
Quinoa, red beans, whole rice and corn, cooked with cumin and coriander.
77% of ingredients are from France ( Quinoa, red beans and whole rice ).
Guaranteed GLUTEN-FREE.
Quinoa = a “cereal” that your consumers love.
Source of fiber, protein. Low in fat.
Exhibitor: DANIVAL
Country: France

Skipjack in brine
Phare d’Eckmühl innovates with this species of tuna few represented in France : the skipjack. This small tuna from tropical waters with a reproductive capacity such as its biomass is currently secured. In addition, Phare d’Eckmühl favors pole and line fishing, in order to generate a minimum ecological footprint.
Country: France

Dark chocolate PURE PLANTATION
Cocoa beans from our plantation in Dominican Republic. Beans are dried and fermented according to a traditionnal know-how. Beans are roasted in Vendée and converted in pure plantation chocolate
Country: France


Organic pumpkin protein
Organic proteins, without additives, used as a dietary supplement, with a high protein content, more than 60%, as well as iron, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. Applications: shakers, bakery products (they replace flour), hyper protein products, bars, pasta, spreads … We sell them in 20 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg
Exhibitor: ACTIBIO
Country: France


Organic nigella virgin oil

Extracted at first cold pressing, the organic black cumin oil that we market in 2.5 kg doypack, is known for its many virtues. First of all, the seeds are of Egyptian origin, reputed to be of good quality for their aromatic quality, then the transformation is French thanks to our network of French processors.
Exhibitor: ACTIBIO
Country: France


TARGETED and PROGRESSIVE 30-day program taking place in 3 successive 10-day phases. 3 complexes formulated according to the principles of naturopathy based on 10 selected organic plants: Desmodium, Black radish, Rosemary, Dandelion, Elderberry, Birch, Artichoke, Burdock, Wild Pansy, Carrot
Country: France

Nectar de jour
Inspired by nature’s most prestigious actives, Nectar de jour offers a daily intense nutrition and a true lifting effect. The complexion is soothed and illuminated. Its flower fragrance wrap your skin in a 100% natural and organic perfume. Duo of exception: organic actives with high power of penetration and synergy of 9 organic and natural essences
Country: France

Krounchy Chia Blueberries Oat SG

A delicious blend of gluten-free oatmeal combining th crunch of chia and the slightly tart taste of blueberry. A gluttony and gluten-free breakfast!
Exhibitor: CERECO
Country: France



P’tit Déj’ Hazelnuts Buckwheat
From novelty to breakfast with our P’tit Déj ‘gluten-free biscuits, without eggs and without palm oil! Buckwheat and hazelnuts in a crispy biscuit, ideal for your breakfast.
Exhibitor: CERECO
Country: France


75% fruits with agave syrup
This new range is sweetened with the agave syrup.
75% fruits + 25% agave syrup
Because of the interesting properties of the agave syrup we can propose you products so delicious as jams but much less sweetened and with much more fruits.
Country: France

Soya delight Orange-Tangerine
Plant-based alternative to yogurt, Biochamps Soya Delight is a delicious blend between the smoothlessness of the soya and the rich and natural flavours of orange and tangerine. Naturally lactose and gluten-free. Soya cultivated in SouthWest France guaranteed OGM-free. Light and easy to digest.
Country: France


Organic spices and herbal teas
Arcadie is the leading reference for organic spices and herbal teas in France. Arcadie has a range of 250 products marketed under the brands Cook and L’Herbier de France and offers a range of bulk products for food trade professionals. Arcadie’s products are sold in more than 2500 organic stores in France and are exported in 25 countries.
Exhibitor: ARCADIE SA
Country: France

Baby wipes
Baby wipes ultra-resistant and soft made with organic Calendula extract. Elaborated with the Tencel® fibre certified FSC, they are the first biodegradable and compostable wipes. They received the OK COMPOST HOME certification. They are produced in France. Available fragrance-free or with natural perfume.
Exhibitor: TIDOO
Country: France


Deodorant balm
Acorelle’s new organic certified deodorants effectively reduce perspiration for 24 hours, thanks to their 100% natural formula, containing organic shea butter and essential oils. Their stick format is handy and innovative and their texture is sweet and melty. 4 fragrances are available to suit everyone’s expectations !
Country: France


Almond Delight Blueberries
Almond Delight Blueberries combines the natural flavours of roasted almonds and fruity blueberries. Deliciously creamy and 100% plant based, it will satisfy the nutritionally conscious consumer as well as the greediest vegetarian gourmet. Naturally free of gluten, lactose and soya. Available tastes : Natural with a touch of cane sugar and Coffee.
Country: France


Blissful Moments
Flavoured Green Tea – Fig – Almond
Inspired by the stories and traditions of Christmas, this recipe is a divine delicacy to share with friends. The generous blend of fig, almond and orange on a green tea base gives a real sweetness with a slight tangy note creating a delightful interlude that invites relaxation and escape.
Exhibitor: SARL MAKA
Country: France


Anti-anging opuntia day cream
Rare and precious, this anti-aging Opuntia seed cream is ideal for reinvigorating and giving your skin a glowing radiance. Healing, firming, restructuring and anti-wrinkle cream.
Exhibitor: LUNESS
Country: France



Corn cake with milk chocolate
Delicious corn cake topped with fair trade chocolate for a gourmet and gluten-free break!
Exhibitor: CERECO
Country: France


Hydro Effect Serum
The new Hydro Effect Serum will complement the lavera facial skin care range and is the very first NATRUE-certified serum with anti-pollution complex. Its formula containing anti-oxidants and organic algae protects skin cells from environmental impacts, counteracts free radicals and prevents premature skin ageing.
Country: Germany


Chickpea and cumin
The “cumin chickpea” wafers from Tossolia’s new range Les légumineuses s’en mêlent” are originals, source of fiber and ready to eat. Vegan wafers. Traditionaly made in Haute Provence. 2x90g.
Exhibitor: TOSSOLIA
Country: France


Have a « British touch » at breakfast with our GLUTEN FREE porridge. As no cooking is needed, you can enjoy it instantly. It’s made with certified gluten free oats.
Enriched with flaxseed, sesame and chia, this tasty porridge has many nutritional assets: without added sugars, high in fibre, source of protein and source of Omega 3
Exhibitor: LIMA FRANCE
Country: France



Firming Body Lotion with Q10
The lavera Firming Body Lotion with natural coenzyme Q10 gives the skin renewed elasticity. Thanks to an innovative composition of active ingredients, which combines natural coenzyme Q10 with five power ingredients, this new body lotion thus combats signs of skin ageing and visibly firms the skin after just two weeks.
Country: Germany




Roasted, Pepper Coated Cashews
Coming from our “Forest Garden” certified supply chain, our cashews from South Vietnam are roasted in coconut oil, salted and peppered to reveal the best of their flavour. What a delicious innovation for your shelves! Come to taste all our cashews (raw, roasted, salted, or with Tamari, …) and our wide selection of dried fruit and nuts on our booth!
Country: France


Ginger Syrup
Perfect in drinks, for desserts and icings or to accompany breakfast, this ginger-infused syrup is both sweet and spicy, 100% organic, gluten-free and suitable for vegans.
A true culinary star, it is one of our best-sellers and Outstanding Dessert Topping, sofi™Silver Award Winner, NAFST 2013.
Country: France




YA organic & vegan desserts
YA Organic desserts, a treat that does not cost the earth. 100% Organic, free from lactose and gluten free and 100% heaven in the mouth! YA Organic Desserts range is based out of coconut milk, oat milk, chia seeds, rice milk, or almond milk.
Heaven in the mouth, YA organic dessert is also carbon compensated to preserve Earth.
Exhibitor: BIOGROUPE
Country: France


Bioturm Ointment with oat
Bioturm – the specialist for effective natural cosmetics – offers a new line with oat containing 4 items for cleansing and care of dry, irritated or atopic skin. Oat meal reduces reddened parts, calms the skin and helps to interrupt the itch-scratch cylce. Available items: Cleansing milk, shampoo, ointment, lotion.
Country: Germany



Cooked ham
This superior cooked ham is made in the workshops of Maison Rostain in the Hautes Alpes. Charcutier since 1967, Rostain has developed a completely unique process of ham without added nitrite or nitrate, with the pink color and the fondant texture. Organic pork meat of French origin. Organic Best Prize Winner 2017 – Cleanlabel
Country: France


Chicken with apricot and rice
Free From allergens, gluten & lactose: organic meal covering 90% of food allergies and intolerances. Individually packed for retailers.
Country: France


Box Organic Silica– VEGAN
Contains 3 bottles of 500 ml = 2 bottles bought + 1 free.
This box of certified organic silica is elaborated with an extraction from tabashir bamboo, which promotes joint comfort. Made in France, it is Vegan, 100% natural, without silicon dioxide and without synthetic silica.
Silica element dosage: 53,28 mg / 40 ml
Exhibitor: ABIOCOM
Country: France


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