Accord Bio is the foremost alliance of independent organic stores in France, proudly bringing together 200 establishments across the country. Established in 2000, this association originated from the initiative of a dozen independent organic stores in the Southwest seeking a less restrictive framework than that of chains and franchises. It has since expanded to become a leader in its field.

Their strength lies in their proximity to consumers, wholesale partners, and local producers. By uniting under Accord Bio, merchants share a common vision and commit to defending the quality and authenticity of organic products.

The Accord Bio team comprises active managers of organic stores. Their statuses ensure participative management, allowing each member to contribute to the life of the alliance.

At its helm, a dynamic team leads the association:

  • Aude Sivel, President, manager of Natura Bio store in Nevers.

  • Eric Natali, Treasurer, manager of Elements Terre store in Pavie.

  • Rachid Ahaouche, Secretary, manager of Saint Hilaire store in Paris.

Other members of the Board of Directors:

  • Nathalie Ameline, General Manager of La Coop Bio store, Saint Malo, Dinard, Dinan.

  • Franck Zimmerman, Manager of La Ruch’ Bio store, Jougne.

  • Damien André, Manager of Bio des Lys store in Bagnères de Luchon.

  • Max Cois, General Director.

This Board of Directors ensures participative and dynamic management. Its members, hailing from different regions of France, bring a diversity of experiences and essential perspectives to the development of Accord Bio.

The headquarters of Accord Bio, based in Albi, Tarn, is the central point of their activities. Max and his assistant Laurence are available daily to meet needs and ensure quality service. Anissa, an assistant on alternation, strengthens the team in digital communication.

They also liaise with the 120 partner suppliers, playing a crucial role in promoting local and quality organic products.

The history of Accord Bio is marked by constant growth and innovative initiatives:

  • In 2009, they surpassed 100 members.

  • In 2020, they celebrated their 20th anniversary.

  • In 2022, they joined the ADEME’s ACT “Step-by-Step” program for decarbonization, thus becoming the first alliance of independent stores in France.

  • In 2023, they deployed an intranet to improve store management and enhanced communication with consumers.

  • In 2024, they confirmed their position as a leader by surpassing 200 affiliated stores. They launched a new website and “Le Mag Accord Bio” available in stores, along with an advertising campaign with a communication agency.

Accord Bio member stores are free and unique. They ensure that their products are always innovative while supporting local producers.

They guarantee fair prices and commit to reducing their environmental impact by working with ADEME.

They engage with their customers and partners, placing consumers at the heart of everything they have been doing for 20 years. They carefully choose their partners, respecting fair values.

Accord Bio is committed to promoting authentic and responsible organic products while supporting its independent merchants and local producers. Join us!