LMEF is a professional media editor in the premium food sectors: delicatessen, organic gourmet, specialty coffee with three media brands: Le Monde de l’Epicerie Fine, Le Monde du Bio Gourmet and Responsible Food and the World of Great Coffees.

We are also organizers of the annual event “Les Epicures de l’Epicerie Fine”.

“Bon, Beau et Bio” and even more, such is the vocation of the World of Bio Gourmet. From sincere organic to the promotion of local origins, artisanal know-how, authentic flavors and rare tastes, there is only one step that leads to Bio Gourmet.

Periodicity Le Monde du Bio Gourmet: Continuous website + Monthly newsletter + Two magazines per year: 1st semester / Feb-March and 2nd semester / Sept-Oct. With a circulation of 7,000 copies, this professional magazine is distributed free of charge to its core target audience: 5,000 copies are sent by post + Distribution at dedicated fairs and events.

Useful information :
Editor: SAS LMEF – 25, rue Pierre Nicole 75005 PARIS – 06 60 02 69 32
Director of publication: Marie Edith Lecoq – marie-edith.lecoq@lmef.fr
Deputy Editorial Director: Olivier Costil – olivier.costil@lmef.fr

Advertising: Mathilde Dumas mathilde.dumas@lmef.fr and Maëlys Duffour: maelys.duffour@lmef.fr


Le Monde de l’Epicerie Fine

Le Monde du Bio Gourmet

Le Monde des Grands Cafés


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