Article 1: Organization

SOCIETE DE PROMOTION ET D’ANIMATION DE LA SEINE (SPAS) – Simplified joint stock company with paid-up capital of 160,071 euros, registered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under the number 393 528 062, registered office 160 bis rue de Paris – CS 90001 – 92645 Boulogne-Billancourt cedex – France, is organizing the “NATEXPO 2024 AWARDS” to coincide with the NATEXPO exhibition, which will be held on 23-24 September 2024 in Eurexpo Lyon.

Article 2: Acceptance of the rules and regulations

Participation in the Awards implies total acceptance of all the provisions of these rules and regulations. All practical difficulties relating to their interpretation or application shall be resolved by the Organizer, whose decision shall be accepted as final. Entries that fail to comply with the provisions contained in these rules and regulation shall be invalid.

Article 3: How to participate in the competition

Entry to the competition is open not only to those taking part in the exhibition but to all professionals in the sector with grounds for submitting an entry.

Entry to the competition is subject to:

  • for exhibitors, payment of the fees for participating in the exhibition.
  • for non-exhibitors, payment of the sum of €618 incl. VAT for each entry submitted. This sum is based on the registration fees paid by exhibitors participating in the exhibition, in addition to the costs of their stand. Non-exhibitors who have paid the sum of €618 incl. VAT for each entry submitted will not be reimbursed if their product is not selected.

  1. A) Participation criteria

    Every participant must:


  • Be a manufacturer or producer (whether they are exhibitors, joint exhibitors or non-exhibitors).
  • Enter only one product per category.
  • Enter products launched for the first time between May 3rd 2023 and May 3rd 2024.
  • Products entered by competitors from outside France must comply with EU regulations relating to the product concerned.
  • A product may only be entered in one category.


Products entered in the competition must be:

  • Marketed for the first time between May 3rd 2023 and May 3rd 2024.
  • Any products that do not fulfil these conditions will be eliminated from the competition.
  • Listed in the NATEXPO 2024 classification, attached to these rules and regulations.
  • Compliant with EU regulations:
    • Organic products: provide valid organic certificates (AB, Agriculture Biologique (European label), Demeter, Nature et Progrès…) issued by an accredited verification organization (issued in accordance with regulation no. 834/07 for EU Member States).
    • Dietary supplements: these must comply with European Directive 2002/46/EC of 10 June 2002.
    • Cosmetics: Valid certificates issued by an accredited verification organization (issued in accordance with regulation no. 834/07 for EU Member States).
    • All other products: home (furniture, fabrics, home accessories, cleaning products, etc.), stationery, office and school equipment, toys, games, etc.
    • Products entered in the competition must have been manufactured using uncontaminated natural or recycled materials, not obtained using contaminating or resource-depleting processes, and comply with the relevant legislation (FSC, Imprim’vert, …)
    • The use of protected species or those threatened with extinction must also have been avoided.

The application’s conformity will be examined in accordance with the selection criteria. 

Submission of entries:

  • Businesses wishing to take part in the NATEXPO 2024 AWARDS must submit their entry online by May 3rd 2024 on the NATEXPO website: : Features >NATEXPO 2024 Awards page. If the company is unable to submit its entry online, it may complete a paper entry form (entry forms will be sent on request) and send it by post to: J2C COMMUNICATION, TROPHÉES NATEXPO 2024, Raphaël Dahan, 88 avenue du Général Leclerc, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt – France.

No entries will be accepted after this date.

Payments by non-exhibitors must be made by bank transfer using the following details:

Account holder



Account number










FR76 1480 6000 8372 0165 2064 188


Entries without payment will not be taken into account.



The products sent with the application will not be returned unless otherwise requested by the participant (additional fees may apply).


Information required for entries submitted online:


  • A description of each product (one product per category): Name of company, name of product, intended use of product, export area, date of market launch, recommended retail price, description of product, name and contact details of person responsible for the Awards entry.
  • 2 samples of each product to be sent before May 20th 2024. If the company wishes it may attach an information pack in French or English for each product (e.g. press pack). The samples should be sent by post to: SPAS Organisation – Trophées Natexpo 2024 – 160 bis, rue de Paris – CS 90001 – 92645 Boulogne Billancourt Cedex. For non-exhibitors, payment for their entry (a copy of the bank transfer order and debit notice)

Please note that incomplete entries will not be accepted and will be returned to the entrant.

  1. B) Categories of products eligible for the competition (listed in the NATEXPO 2024 classification)


  • Sweet grocery products
  • Savory grocery products
  • Fresh products
  • Beverages
  • Dietary supplements
  • Cosmetics and hygiene products
  • Eco-friendly home products
  • Equipment for retail
  • Ingredients and Raw Materials
  • Seeds


Applications for the “Seeds” category is only open to organisations to organisations with an annual turnover for 2022 of 500 000 € (excl. VAT) maximum. Please enclose proof of company registration with your application as well as a proof of CA 2022. The registration cannot be submitted in the absence of these documents.

The winners of each category will be determined if at least 10 applications are submitted in this category.

The organization reserves the right to make changes in the categories of competing products based on the number of submissions received. The candidate will be informed if the name of the category in which their product is presented differs from the one for which they applied.

  1. C) Nomination criteria

The nomination criteria recognized by the Jury and which will enable entries to be validated are that the products presented should be new, innovative or original. Product packaging will also be taken into account by the Jury when validating entries.

Article 4 – Preselection Committee

Initially, entries will be examined and validated by a committee of experts before being presented to the Jury.

The Committee reserves the right to reject any entry that does not comply with the competition rules and regulations and to change the category selected if this is deemed to be unsuitable for the product presented.


Article 5 : The Jury – Awards

  1. A) Jury members

The Jury will consist of journalists, entrepreneurs, retailers, organic market experts and health and wellness professionals. The Jury’s task is to select one winner (Gold Award) from the candidates in each product category, as well as an International Special Mention across all categories.

  1. B) Validation of entries by the Jury

This process will consist of checking the quality of entries and their compliance with the rules and principles of the “NATEXPO 2024 AWARDS” competition according to the participation criteria, categories of products admitted to the competition and various nomination criteria.

The Jury reserves the right not to select a product if it considers that it does not meet the nomination criteria, or if there is not enough products submitted to a category. The Jury’s decisions are final and binding. Should the Jury reject an entry, it is not obliged to justify its rejection.

  1. C) Short-listed products:

The Jury will short-list a selection of products from among the validated entries on June 2024.

The jury is responsible for scoring the candidate products using a scoring grid containing the following criteria:

  • innovation, composition, practicality, eco-responsibility, provenance, and packaging for food products;
  • innovation, composition, usefulness, practicality, eco-responsibility, provenance, and packaging for dietary supplements;
  • innovation, composition, smell/texture, practicality, eco-responsibility, and packaging for cosmetics;
  • innovation, usefulness, practicality, eco-responsibility, and packaging for household and personal products and services and equipment for retail.
  • innovation, practicality, functionality, supply, origin, method of obtaining, sustainability, industry practice, taste (if applicable) for the ingredients.


  1. D) Selecting the award-winners

The best scores in each category will designate the winner (Gold Award).

The best score awarded to a product offered by an international company, across all categories, will win the International Special Mention, if it has not already been designated Gold Award for a product category. If the best rated international product has already been awarded a Gold Award, the jury’s International Special Mention will then move to the next product in the order of ranking of the scores awarded by the jurors. Please note that an international winner will be defined if at least 10 international nominations are submitted.

The chosen entrants will be notified by e-mail that their product(s) has (have) been selected. The selected products will also be displayed in the NATEXPO 2024 “Awards” area throughout the exhibition.

However, the Jury reserves the right not to make any awards if it considers that the products entered do not meet the nomination criteria for an Award. The Jury’s decisions are final and binding.

Note: entrants solemnly undertake only to provide the Jury with accurate and honest information and in particular to avoid any omission or inaccuracy that might lead to an erroneous decision. In the event of an irregularity being proven, the Jury reserves the right to withdraw an Award already given and justify this withdrawal in the press.

Article 6: Dissemination of information and promotion

Information provided by entrants may be used by the Organizer in documents to promote the NATEXPO exhibition without the entrants, their principals or rights holders having any right to oppose such use in any manner. Should an entrant not wish their information to be used by NATEXPO or the Jury, they must specifically state this in an e-mail sent to:


The Organizer of the “NATEXPO 2024 AWARDS” may not be held responsible for the confidentiality of information transmitted to members of the Jury. Competitors must have taken all measures necessary to protect their invention or innovation prior to submitting their entry.

Participants will be held personally responsible for any complaints of any nature whatsoever relating to items entered into the competition, and hereby declare that they discharge the Organizer of any responsibility in this respect.

Article 6 bis: Publication of results 

A press kit will be sent to all the press to announce the 11 winners of the “NATEXPO 2024 AWARDS”, once the products have been selected. 

Article 7: Presentation of awards – During the show

The awards will be presented to the winners on September 2024 during Natexpo (in Eurexpo Lyon) – date and time to be confirmed.

Award winners may use the words “NATEXPO 2024 AWARD” in any promotional communication relating to the award-winning product. Award winners will be sent a “NATEXPO 2024 AWARD” logo by e-mail after the exhibition for use in any promotional communication relating to the award-winning product.

In addition, the winners undertake to use the “NATEXPO 2024 AWARD” logo or to mention the award in all their communications for professional purposes (professional press, retailer brochures, etc.), and relating to their winning product.

Awards may not be exchanged for cheques, cash or any other prize.

Article 8 : Changes – Restrictions – Limitation of liability

The Organizer reserves the right to shorten, extend, change or cancel the competition if circumstances so require. It shall not be held liable as a result.

Article 9 : Intellectual property rights

Entrants are responsible for ensuring that their intellectual property rights have been safeguarded and the corresponding patents registered. Entrants are reminded that under the terms of articles L611-11 and L611-13 of the French Intellectual Property Code, patents in France – to be admissible – must be registered less than six months after the disclosure of the invention to the public.

SPAS ORGANISATION declines any responsibility for any commercial or other use that might be made of projects entered in this competition in contravention of entrants’ rights. In accordance with the modified Data Protection and Civil Liberties law of 6 January 1978, entrants to the Awards have the right to access, correct or delete any information held that concerns them. They may refuse to allow this data to be disclosed to a third party by writing to SPAS ORGANISATION : 160 bis rue de Paris CS 90001- 92645 Boulogne Billancourt Cedex, France.

Article 10 : How to obtain a copy of the rules and regulations

The full rules and regulations may be consulted on the NATEXPO website ( ). A copy of the rules and regulations may be obtained free of charge by writing to the following address: SPAS ORGANISATION – 160 bis rue de Paris CS 90001 Boulogne Billancourt Cedex, France.

Article 11 : Applicable law

These rules and regulations are subject to French law.

Any dispute with a participant acting in their professional capacity as to the application and construction of these rules and regulations shall be referred to the court within whose jurisdiction the head office of the Organizing Company is located, said court to have sole jurisdiction in this matter.


Annexe 1 : NATEXPO 2024 exhibition classification




Alcohols and spirituous


Vegetable drinks



Fruit juices

Vegetable juices

Lacto-fermented juices

Lemonades, fizzy drinks

Wines and champagnes


Delicatessens and saltings

Fresh meats and poultries

Meat alternatives


Pancakes and galettes (round, flat biscuits)



Viennoiseries (croissants, pains au chocolat, etc.)


Butters, crèmes fraîches and margarines


Dairy-free alternative


Vegetable drinks


Yogurts, plain and flavoured creams


Preserved seaweeds

Dried seaweeds

Child food products



Cereals, semolina

Stewed fruits, preserved fruit purées


Chocolate confectionery



Preserved fruits

Dried fruits

Food oils

Tinned vegetables

Dry vegetables


Preserved ready-made meals

Preserved fish

Rice, purées


Powered soups

Preserved soups, vegetable soups

Vegetarian specialities


Preserved meats and poultries

Dried meats


Culinary helps

Dessert preparations (sugar/sugar free)






Stewed fruits

Fresh fruits

Fresh vegetables

Fresh pasta

Fresh ready-made meals

Fresh smoked fishes

Vegetable proteins

Fresh vegetable purée

Rolled pastries and pizza dough

Fresh soups


Snack bars


Biscuits, cakes

Instant vegetable drinks

Sweets, confectionery

Cocoa, powdered chocolate


Cereals, muesli

Chocolate bars


Granola & cereals

Puffed cereal cakes


Gingerbead, waffles, cakes


Fruit purée, jellies


Herbal teas


Frozen fruits

Ice creams

Frozen vegetables

Frozen breads

Frozen pâtés

Frozen pastries

Pizza, frozen quiches

Frozen ready-made meals

Frozen fishes

Frozen meats and poultries






Drainage, detox



Memory, intellect


Skin, sun protection, nails, hair

Stress, sleep



Vitamins and minerals



Hair-removal waxes

Solid cosmetic and hygiene products

Body and face creams

Eaux de toilette


Body oils

Hygiene for babies

Hygiene for children

Hygiene for women

Hygiene for men

Body milks

Make-up removing milks





Shaving products

Slimming products

Prod Dental / oral health products

Sun protection






Lighting equipment

Equipment for water

Equipment for air


Games, toys, gifts

Household linen

Bedding and bedding accessories

Cooking equipment

Furnishings (small fixtures, rugs, etc.)

Recycled paper


Maintenance products

DIY products and accessories

Gardening products and accessories

Natural accessories

Bathroom – Zero waste

Kitchen – Zero waste

Leisure accessories



Fashion accessories


Leather craft

Clothes and accessories for babies

Clothes for children and adults



Store fitting

Communications agencies


Mobile apps

Interior design

Interactive terminals

Cash tills and sales point terminals

Food packaging

Data / Processing

Decoration / Atmosphere


Energy saving

Social commerce

Tactile screens / tables

Store signage

Vacuum packing machine

Click and collect equipment

Automatic dispensers

Drive-in equipment

Specialist retail equipment

Labelling / coding





Kitchen equipment

Catering equipment

Chilling appliances

Furniture / Showcases

Interactive furniture

Electronic / contactless payment



Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality


Silo, bulk retailing





Bread, pastry and biscuit intermediate products

Cocoa, coffee, tea

Cereals, rice, pasta

Plant extracts

Seeds, oilseeds, pulses

Herbs and spices

Essential oils and floral water

Functional additives / ingredients

Multi-purpose ingredients

Vegetable fats and oils

Egg products

Fruit IFP

Vegetable and mushroom IFP

Meat-based IFP and ingredients

Dairy IFP and ingredients

Marine-based IFP and ingredients

Nut-based IFP and ingredients

Liquid and drink-related IFP

Aromatic and medicinal plants

Sweet preparations and ingredients

Sauces, condiments and seasonings

Sugars, honey and other sweeteners






Hygiene products




Certification bodies

Training bodies

Professional bodies

Specialist press

Technological Innovations

Consulting and marketing agency