Trend n°1: Liberation of female intimacy

The taboos of femininity (periods, menopause, grey hair, post-partum, etc.) are starting to be broken to highlight female well-being in its entirety. With the women’s empowerment wave, a new generation of cosmetics and food supplements is emerging in this direction, organic or otherwise.

This micro-trend could turn our society round and liberate a majority of women, when you realise, for example, that for 55% of French people, talking about periods in public is “inappropriate”[i]

Proof in products:

  1. Organic menstrual cycle, tablets to relieve period pains, by Phytorganic, stand G30.
  2. Dermo Spray Intime, soothing and refreshing, by Ballot Flurin, stand E20.


Trend n°2: ‘High Wellness’

CBD (or cannabidiol) has been a buzz ingredient for five years and is continuing its rise in cosmetics. The promise of multiple positive effects for this ‘panacea’ plant of cannabis or hemp (in addition to its analgesic, anti-oxidant and neuroprotective effects, it has soothing, balancing, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin), combined with a universe that is, to say the least, euphoric (but not at all psychotropic in this use), have triggered the ‘high wellness’ trend.

Proof in products:

  1. 15% CBD Full Spectrum Sweet Dreams Oil, based on organic-certified hemp + gentle extraction to preserve the entourage effect and therefore the efficacy of the product, by Alpinols, stand G38.
  2. CBD Massage Oil, with use of broad spectrum CBD, with extraction of THC by flash chromatography for optimised efficacy, by Alpinols, stand G38.
  3. CBD Cellular Relaxation Face Serum, with an active synergy of CBD + organic hemp oil, by Atelier Populaire, stand M2.
  4. Cremigel Bones Recovery CBD, anti-inflammatory and analgesic cream, by Webonatix, stand F15.


Trend n°3: Holistic well-being as a lifestyle

During the pandemic, having our freedom restricted, mental and emotional well-being became a priority. In 2020, cases of major depressive disorder and anxiety orders leapt respectively by 28% and 26%.[ii]

Since then, emotional anti-stress solutions have been successful and have multiplied (via gummies, sprays, supplements, drinks and even podcasts), as well as solutions to optimise our rest and sleep. The ambition is to find peace and serenity at all times, by (almost) all means.

With our need to be ever closer to nature and to protect our environment, a new paradigm of well-being is developing. It is based on the emotional, but also the spiritual (not religious), almost esoteric element, with a scientific approach. This new holistic approach, this “augmented” quest for well-being aims to achieve harmony between body, mind, soul and the environment – a physical, psychological and energetic synergy. Is it a growing phenomenon? It may even already be a revolution: in 2021, the Pinterest social media site mentioned a peak: +145% of searches to “raise your vibration”, and +60% of searches on “how to protect your energy”.[iii]

Are we moving towards a higher ecological, spiritual and collective consciousness?

Proof in products:

  1. Essential oil sleep spray, by Galeo, stand L31.
  2. Anti-stress gummies, by Oléanat, stand G15.
  3. Elixir Boost Energie, food supplement that acts on stress, fatigue and sleeping disorders, by Harctic, stand G21.
  4. Kiri Hodi – Lait d’Or, coconut milk drink with Ayurvedic spices from Sri Lanka, is part of Ayurvedic tradition, a holistic scientific approach to mental and physical health, by Guayapi, stand M’156.


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[i] OpnionWay survey for Dans Ma Culotte, 2021
[ii] 2020, study in The Lancet
[iii] Pinterest Predict 2022