Nutrikéo: the Ideas Laboratory for nutrition strategies

Nutrikéo is both an innovation consultancy and a communications agency for projects working towards a healthier world through nutrition.

Food, agriculture, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals: the field of nutritional possibilities is vast, and Nutrikéo’s ambition is to move the lines so that behaviour, products and services converge towards new, more virtuous standards. New standards that would have a positive impact on health and the planet: our own and that of our children.

It is to these complementary and converging sectors that Nutrikéo is applying its dual scientific and marketing expertise to support their food, agricultural, nutritional and nutraceutical transitions.

The agency’s 30 experts, with backgrounds in life sciences and communications, have been working with these players for 15 years, from the genesis of ideas to their deployment:
-Research & trends
-Innovation & product development consultancy
-Marketing and creative strategies
-360° communication

The Nutrikéo team is passionate about innovation and trends, and for the past 12 years it has also run and contributed to the media site. Here, several times a week, we share our discoveries and analyses, for the enjoyment of all those who are curious, ambitious, positive and passionate about nutrition.