Nutrikéo is an agency specialized in nutraceutical marketing and communication.

Our expertise combines the know-how of a market research institute, a communication agency and a training organization through 4 practices:

       Market Research: to bring you our partners network, our analysis force and prospective intelligence expertise

       Innovation: to offer a bespoke support to your innovation approach and marketing strategy

       Communication: to deliver nutrition & health messages adapted to multiple targets (health care professionals, key opinion leaders, distributors, industrials, consumers, patients) and adjustable to all media supports like print or web tools (press ads, brochures, websites, mobile apps…)

       Education: to interact with professionals as well as general public with a personalized and living information through facilitation, nutritional events or trainings.

We work on these 4 practices serving more than 200 customers to develop new products and services, or promoting new behaviours.

We accompany food, nutraceutical and foodtech sectors, to disrupt nutrition and make it a reality more than a challenge.


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