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Natexpo Interviews

3 November 2016

Benoît SOURY
President of Natexbio


At a time when our sector dealing in production, processing and retail of organic food, dietary supplements and cosmetics has conquered new heights in growth and vitality, preparations for the 2017 edition of Natexpo are already underway.

Let me offer you three facts to reflect upon:

– while the French agricultural sector continues to be rocked by one crisis after another and by a multitude of uncertainties about Europe, the year 2015 saw us attain new levels of growth of organically-farmed areas and those under conversion!

– while food consumption in France experienced quite weak growth in 2015/2016, standing at between 1.3% and 1.4% and mainly driven by brands moving upmarket on the one hand and special offers on the other, the market for organic products across all distribution channels continued to grow by an astounding 14.7%!

– while mass food retail continues to dominate in many markets, organic food retail continues to grow substantially in specialist retail networks!

These encouraging results can be attributed to our individual and collective endeavours and those of our employees, and to our desire to achieve things together! We are right to believe in the coming together of the passion of creators with the realism of consumers so that our industry, united within the Federation Natexbio, can continue to maintain all its ambitions and its spirit!

We look forward to meeting you at Natexpo on 22, 23 and 24 October 2017.

The show’s highlights seen by the exhibitors


Managing director of Vitalia and the brand Amy’s Kitchen, a company specialising in organic, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Marie-Hélène PEYROUTON

Managing director of chocolate maker Dardenne, offering a wide range of chocolates made with almond milk for lactose-intolerant consumers.


Co-founder of the firm Gaïa, specialising in sprouted seeds.


President of Léa Nature, a French manufacturer of organic and natural products (brands such as Jardin Bio, Eau Thermale Jonzac, Floressance, Nature System, etc.)


Sales and marketing director of Vidya, a brand dealing in the production of organic plant extracts.

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