organic ingredients

This cluster provides an opportunity to meet the professionals involved in the manufacture of organic food products, cosmetics and food supplements.

Through an exhaustive range of stand displays, business meetings and seminars and workshops, Natexpo offers its visitors who are processors of cosmetics, dietary supplements, food and drink the opportunity to make inroads in two key fields: sourcing and innovation.

Sourcing organic ingredients

Finding ingredients has become a real challenge for companies working in the European organic industry. With consumption of organic products growing fast, the issue of sourcing is now a strategic subject for all players, whether in the search for new suppliers, the strengthening of existing relations with partners or setting up new local and national supply streams.


Organic extracts and ingredients lie at the heart of innovation and the emergence of organic trends. They are the driving force behind the vitality of a sector which for decades has played the role of an incubator for the spreading of new products which have sometimes fed through into mainstream consumption: pomegranate, Aloe Vera, goji berry, etc.

NATEXPO offers the opportunity to meet the players involved in all the new trends in the organic sector, related to “alternative” proteins, allergen-free, super foods, fermented foods and ingredients, organic flavours, as well as fair trade, traceability of origins and the creation of market verticals.

Major trends in organic ingredients

  • Alternative proteins
  • Allergen-free
  • Superfood
  • Developing supply streams
  • Fair trade
  • Origin
  • Fermented food and ingredients
  • Organic flavouring
  • Learn more about the trends

The big highlight with Ingrébio

At the centre of the Ingredients and raw materials sector, discover the Organic Ingredients Forum. With contributions of experts, producers and processors, the leading issues in the upstream segment of the organic industry will be examined. Securing appropriate supplies in quantity and quality is indeed a key challenge for many companies in the organic sector. 

Products exhibited in the sector

  • Aromatic and medicinal plants
  • Bread, pastry and biscuit intermediate products
  • Cereals, rice, pasta
  • Cocoa, coffee, tea
  • Dairy IFP and ingredients
  • Egg products
  • Flavourings
  • Fruit IFP
  • Functional additives / ingredients
  • Herbs and spices
  • Liquid and drink-related IFP
  • Marine-based IFP and ingredients
  • Meat-based IFP and ingredients
  • Multi-purpose ingredients
  • Nut-based IFP and ingredients
  • Plant extracts
  • Sauces, condiments and seasonings
  • Seeds, oilseeds, pulses
  • Sugars, honey and other sweeteners
  • Sweet preparations and ingredients
  • Vegetable and mushroom IFP
  • Vegetable fats and oils


IFP = Intermediate Food Products


Download the brochure of the new Ingredients and Raw Materials sector

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