The constantly growing markets for dietary supplements and health food products continue to grow. In 2018, in France, the sales of dietary supplements increased by 1.3% to approach the 2 billion euro mark. As the traditional sales channel, the pharmacy network accounts for half of sales, well ahead of the other distribution channels (direct and online sales 18%, organic and health food stores 15%, supermarkets 11%).

In search of well-being and concerned about their health, consumers feel convinced by these products that complement a healthy lifestyle: almost one in two French people have already consumed dietary supplements. On this market, the proportion of organic products continues to grow, responding to an increasing demand for natural ingredients.

Exhibitors at Natexpo Lyon will have the opportunity to present their new products, particularly in the three most popular sectors: stress/sleep, digestion/transit and joint health.

Natexpo: new manufacturers waiting to be discovered

Around a hundred exhibitors of dietary supplements will be present at this second edition of Natexpo in Lyon to present their products and innovations. Specialising in plant extracts, vitamins or other natural sources of nutrients, these companies work to formulate products that meet multiple needs: better digestion, managing stress, joint health, vitality, blood circulation, the immune system, skin beauty, etc…

As an enthusiast of the marine world and the holder of the first French patent on dietary supplements for its Oceanic Serum, Laboratoire Biothalassol Laboratory uses the incredible treasures of the sea to offer targeted dietary supplements (seaweed extracts, omega 3…). Nature et Partage was the first structure to import blond psyllium into France in 2007 and has since considerably extended its range. In particular, it offers a wide range of detox products as well as various dietary supplements (acerola, ashwagandha, moringa, etc.).

Specialising in products designed to combat the causes of ageing, Laboratoire Inolab formulates dietary supplements resulting from independent clinical studies and without controversial additives (titanium dioxide, polysorbate 80…).


Stress and sleep: a major problem

Stress and sleep problems affect a great many people. It is estimated that one French person in three suffers from sleep problems. One of the causes is stress, whose harmful effects on health in general are now well documented. Dietary supplements that respond to these problems are among the most in demand.

A new product from LT Labo presented at the Natexpo Awards, Dormaline Bio is a dietary supplement providing tryptophan (from organic sunflower seeds), a precursor of melatonin, the hormone secreted in the evening by the body, whose role is essential in regulating the sleep/wake cycles. The formula, supplemented with saffron and spirulina, helps rebalance the circadian rhythm without the side effects sometimes caused by an exogenous melatonin intake.


Digestive comfort: recipes for its improvement

Digestion and intestinal transit are other strong trends on the dietary supplement and health food market. From psyllium to combinations of herbal extracts, dietary supplements help to effectively relieve lazy and irritable bowels.

Laboratoires Super Diet this year offer the first “seasonal organic juice”, pure Gournay radish juice. This traditional vegetable juice, sourced in the Hauts-de-France region of France, is obtained through a mechanical cold pressing technique and made without any colourings or preservatives. In addition to the benefits in terms of transit, the juice also provides natural antioxidants.


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