The dietary supplement market in figures

In 2020, the sector brings together around 100 manufacturers of health food products and dietary supplements for a range of purposes: slimming, skin care, toning, etc., as well as ingredients making up the composition of these products.

In tune with consumers’ wish for natural beauty and wellness, dietary supplements in France constitute a market worth 1.8 billion euros in 2017 and experienced growth of 5.8% in 2017 compared with 2016. This vitality translates on the ground at Natexpo with increased participation by suppliers.

In the food supplement sector, the trade professionals exhibiting will notably be presenting their new products in the segments currently experiencing a boom, such as stress control and sleeping aids with magnesium-based products, slimming supplements or digestion and blood circulation aids.

Source: Synadiet.

Retail channels

  • 51% in chemists
  • 17% direct selling / mail order
  • 15% in organic or health food shops
  • 11% in mass retail
  • 6% in drugstores


Main market segments in pharmacies

  • Stress, mood, sleep
  • Digestion
  • Joints

The Dietary Supplements Feature Area

In partnership with SYNADIET (the French dietary supplement association), Natexpo takes centre stage with the introduction of the Dietary Supplements feature. As a platform for innovation and information, it will allow the sector’s buyers and sellers to get up to date on the latest industry developments and develop their business and know-how.

Through about 15 talks, this space offers visitors advice, information and training on a range of topics such as nutritional advice for people with special diets (vegetarians, vegans, athletes, elderly people, pregnant women, slimming or gluten-free diets, etc.), plants that can be used for everyday health, specific regulations on plant-based dietary supplements…

In addition to the discovery of plants used in food supplements, SYNADIET will present their history and age-old traditional use in many parts of the world.

Find out more on the Dietary Supplements Feature Area



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