Dietary supplements

The dietary supplement market in figures

In 2022, the sector brings together around 50 manufacturers of health food products and dietary supplements for a range of purposes: slimming, skin care, toning, etc., as well as ingredients making up the composition of these products.

In tune with consumers’ wish for natural beauty and wellness, dietary supplements in France constitute a market worth 1.9 billion euros in 2019 and experienced growth of 1.3%. This vitality translates on the ground at Natexpo with increased participation by suppliers.

The dietary supplements market is dominated by health concerns, in particular, three indications account for a large proportion of the market. Together, sleep/stress, digestion and vitality account for 51% of sales in pharmacies, 41% of sales in supermarkets and hypermarkets and 35% of sales in drugstores.

46% of French people have already consumed dietary supplements. For these consumers, dietary supplements are a natural solution for maintaining their health and avoiding taking medicine when not necessary. Indeed, the naturalness of the products (40%), the desire to limit their consumption of medicine (38%), and the desire to maintain their health (37%) emerge as the main motivations of consumers.

Source: Synadiet.

Retail channels

  • 51% in chemists
  • 17% direct selling / mail order
  • 15% in organic or health food shops
  • 11% in mass retail
  • 6% in drugstores

Main market segments in pharmacies

  • Stress, mood, sleep
  • Digestion
  • Joints

The Dietary Supplements Feature Area

The French dietary supplement association, Synadiet, present at NATEXPO 2020, will be hosting the Dietary Supplements Forum. This information area covers regulatory aspects together with trends in the dietary supplements market, the latest on-trend ingredients and precautions for the use of essential oils.

As a venue for innovation and information, it allows buyers and sellers in the sector to develop their business and skills. Through mini-lectures, this area provides advice, information and training for visitors on various subjects such as nutritional advice for people with special diets (vegetarians, vegans, sportsmen and women, senior citizens, mothers-to-be, calorie-controlled or gluten-free diets, etc.), plants for everyday well-being, specific regulations for plant-based food supplements, etc.


Find out more on the Dietary Supplements Feature Area



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