An exhaustive range of equipment, services, e-commerce, logistic and training for retail.

For the last few years, specialist distribution witnessed impressive growth in business volumes. According to IRI/LSA, organic sales grew up by 20,9% in 2017. Mass retail has also become a key player in the sector by developing its organic product ranges and launching new specialist retail brands. In 2017, 265 organic shop has opened in France. 

Major trends :

A great number of initiatives are emerging across Europe in organic product retail: online selling, m-commerce, loose goods, automatic vending, farm shops, packaging-free shops, snacks, etc.

Stores are also adapting their interiors to these changes in consumption patterns whilst maintaining their own DNA, thus developing a quite singular model insofar as being a place to spend quality time, an advice centre and a connected platform. Competition is also just around the corner, with Amazon Fresh due to be launched in the near future in France.

These developments are the first signs of a distribution model which is still trying to find its way between “traditional” organic and “mass market” organic.

Products and services exhibited in the sector:

  • Cash tills and sales point terminals
  • Chilling appliances
  • Click and collect equipment
  • Communications agencies
  • Consultancies
  • CRM
  • Data / processing
  • Decoration / atmosphere
  • Drive-in equipment
  • Electronic / contactless payment
  • Furniture / Showcases
  • Interactive display cabinets
  • Interactive terminals
  • Interior design
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Labelling / coding
  • Logistics
  • M-commerce
  • Mobile apps
  • Shelving
  • Social commerce
  • Specialist retail equipment
  • Store fittings
  • Store signage
  • Tactile screens / tables
  • Training
  • Vending equipment
  • Weighing



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