Mi Herbolario magazine is a publication specializing in natural and integrative medicine, organic food and plant-based dietetics, aimed at naturopathic professionals, naturopathic doctors, organic food stores, herbalist owners , laboratories, natural product companies and industry associations. All of these professionals have the authority to purchase, prescribe or recommend products. Likewise, Mi Herbolario has a community of followers, end users who love the organic world, natural therapies, and all things natural health.

Mi Herbolario , the doyen of the industry and a reference publication, is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary in early 2023, and during these 19 years in the market, we have achieved notable recognition and prestige. . Throughout its history it has been awarded several times by the Asocición de profesionales de Terapias Naturales, Aptn Cofenat, the Asociación Nacional de Herbolarios, Fenadiher and the Asociación Profesional Española de Naturopatía y Bioterapia, Apenb.

Mi Herbolario was born from a private and independent initiative, and from the beginning it benefited from the support of associations, entities and a growing number of readers. The philosophy of the magazine has always been and continues to be to reflect the reality of the market in an objective way and to serve as an instrument of communication between all those who are part of the dietetics and natural medicine sector.

Mi Herbolario has a national and international distribution, a bimonthly publication and an online and offline version. It already has more than 335,000 monthly readers. Mi Herbolario is present in the reading areas of vegetarian restaurants, libraries, training schools, medical practices, retirement homes, etc. The magazine is also read regularly by the most important associations in the field of plant nutrition, naturopaths and naturopathic doctors.

Thanks to a special agreement, the magazine is distributed in digital format to all members of Cofenat and Apenb.

We are media partner of the main national and international fairs and congresses of the sector, year after year.

Mi Herbolario launched in 2007 the online newsletter “Mi Herbolario digital”, with more than 23,000 registrations updated daily and a great impact. The newsletter is emailed to subscribers, whether industry professionals or consumers, on a weekly basis.

The magazine’s profiles on social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, allow great interactivity with the readers of the publication, highlighting the average reach and the number of followers.

Doctor Joaquín Outón, naturopath and recognized professional, collaborates with our medical clinic on the web, where he answers medical questions by email. The money collected by the clinic is donated to various NGOs.

My herbalist, committed to ecology and the environment, also has a marked solidarity character, highlighting its collaboration with NGOs such as Adama and Aldeas Infantiles.

At the end of 2020, we concluded a collaboration agreement with EL Sueño de Vicky, a foundation for childhood cancer research, in order to give visibility to the Foundation through the magazine, the website, the newsletter and social networks, to raise funds, all in a selfless and continuous way over time.



Editeur: Eco multimedia C/ Juan Bravo, 3, 28006 Madrid

Directeur de la publication: Maixa Gómez –

Directeur de la publicité: Lucía Sánchez

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