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Organic Trends Forum

8 November 2016

Logo Bio LinéairesMeet and exchange with industry experts.
Organised in association with BioLinéaires, the Forum offers a programme of short talks based on dialogue between professionals. This is a space to meet and discuss with specialists around key themes for organic stores.


Focus 1: Consumer trends (Bio Panel)

Change in organic consumer behaviour over time

In partnership with Agoodforgood, the market research firm Bio Panel specialising in organic shoppers will present the latest trends since 2012 in its report “Who is the organic consumer and how have they changed over time?” This offers close-up analysis of the expectations, wishes and needs of new and loyal consumers of French specialist organic brands and retailers. A preview of the main findings will be published in issue no. 73 for September-October.


Focus 2: Retail trends (Sauveur Fernandez)

The Organic Store 3.0 in 2025: new expectations

The 2015 edition of Natexpo warned of the profound transformations faced by organic stores in order to satisfy the rising generation of new active consumers and counter the swelling wave of alternative groceries, digital retail and mass retail initiatives. Two years further on, what’s the state of play? Did these anticipations become reality or have they started to emerge? What other new factors have to be considered? This talk offers a full update on the subject.


Focus 3: Society trends (Sauveur Fernandez)

When organic transforms the world: the advent of society organics

While it had for a long time been alone in defending the environment and an economy producing healthy products, organic is today fuelled by new fast-growing ethical concepts which in due course will become imperative for retailers and will make organic even more essential. Examples include CSR, the supportive economy, the circular economy, the ecology transition, food waste, local currencies, etc. This talk will feature an overview with all the latest developments underway.


Focus 4: Organic market trends outside France: the example of Germany (Ecozept):

How is the German specialist organic retail sector structured in an increasingly competitive environment? 

Following years of double-digit growth, the German specialist organic market has since 2016 experienced a cooling-off in its revenue. But looking closer, certain forms of retail are doing better than others. ECOZEPT will offer a quantitative analysis of the competitive environment: competition with other retail channels, (GMS, hard discount, etc.) but also changes within the specialist organic retail sector.


Focus 5: Cosmetic trends (Michel Knittel)

Certification: a handicap for organic cosmetics?

Over the past 15 years, the worldwide growth in natural and organic cosmetics has in parallel seen the appearance of several dozen sets of specifications, all more or less competing with each other. As a consequence we are witnessing an avalanche of different logos which, it is widely acknowledged, confuse consumers more than they help them. This does not include quality labels belonging to companies themselves. Additionally, we are starting to note fundamentally certifiable brands which have decided not to undertake certification. This talk offers an overview of the situation and participants will be invited to air their views.

The cosmetics market within the organic sector: exclusive figures for 2017

In September 2016, Bio Linéaires published exclusive figures for cosmetics sold in France in specialist organic retail. These figures came from the analysis of sales actually made at cash tills, product by product, thanks to a first-ever partnership with a panel of representative shops. For the first time, these provided an accurate picture of what consumers really buy in the French organic network. The latest updated figures will be presented, with a special focus on the leading category: facial skin care.



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