2021 Programme


Sunday 24th October 2021

10:00 Launch of Fitena brand! 
With Alexandre Bogunovic

11:00: Solid in all its states
With Elodie Richard and Caroline Heitz, Laboratoire Gravier

12:00: 2021 new products: 100% healthy and zero waste
With Florian Thebaud, Ioumi-Provence

13:00: Pre-biotics and sensitive and reactive skin
With Charlène DevaudCentifolia

14:00: Japanese “super-ingredients”
With Alexandra Polya, Bijin

15:00: The advantages of direct supply for raw materials
With Maud Siegel, ASCA – L’esperluète

16:00: Discover LAO products
With Lisa Schino, LAO

16:30 : COSMOS certification
With Fanny Lantheaume, Cosmécert


Monday 25th October 2021

10:00: The benefits of snail therapy
With Fabrice Pierron, Mademoiselle Agathe  

11:00: In & out beauty
With Marie-Pascale Ballet, OMUM

11:30: Cosmetics outlook to 2025
With Nicolas Bertrand, Lauriane Lubert and Caroline Girard, Cosmebio and Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Cluster Bio

12:00 : DNVB: launch your range of solid care products
With Simone Jeanne-Sizun, Savonnerie du Nouveau Monde

13:00: 5-in-1 BB Creams: new products
With Paul-Benoît Chevalier, Florame

14:00: Incredible Cosmetics
With Delphine Biette, La Fabrique de la Presqu’île

15:00: Alphanova joins forces with the Fondation de la Mer to protect coral
With Magali Hérisson, Alphanova Santé

16:00: Beegan factory manufacturing eco-facility
With Jessie Quantinet, Ballot Flurin

17:00: Allergies and cosmetics
With Gwendoline Bressand, Laboratoire In Gratia Herbarum


Tuesday 26th October 2021

10:00: Specific care products for perfect maternity
With Claire Morlot, Néobulle

11:00: Organic certified and sulphate free solid shampoo
With Cyprien Bruel, Bélice

12:00: Organic snail slime, natural beauty
With Sébastien Royer, RoyeR  Cosmétique

13:00: Customisable, refillable cosmetics and eco-box
With David Reccole, Dyp Cosmethic

14:00: Why invest in research into a surfactant for solid cosmetics?
With Laetitia Van de Walle, Lamazuna

15:00: White tea in cosmetics with Léonia Paris
With Eva Corfmat, Léonia Cosmétiques

15:30: Transparency towards consumers: the guarantees provided by COSMOS certification and Cosmébio labelling
With Magali Barbier, Cosmébio, Raphaël Racine, Cosmécert, Emilie Cherhal, Ecocert et Claire-Marie Lefebvre, Bureau Veritas


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