Fermentation is the new à la mode process, maximising the benefits of products (vitamins, minerals) without cooking them. This new cult for raw food through fermenting and low-temperature cooking, conserves the full potential of ingredients.

In food, the slower the better: kombucha is a long-fermented mushroom with incredible health benefits, and the kimchi is a delicacy present in the finest international restaurants.

Less evident in beauty, fermented cosmetics are already beginning to emerge in Asia, in Korea first.



  • Cheese alternative made from fermented nuts, a new category called Fermentino, par Eurocompany 
  • Low-temperature fermented raw cocoa spread, by Sol Semilla 
  • Traditional Pancrudo biscuit but living food (-42°C in the manufacturing process) in raw chocolate, by Douce Italie
  • Fermented infusions, by Ido Infusion (Korea) 

Dietary supplements:

  • Raw Spirulina powder (certified), by Nature et Expression 
  • Dehydrated germinated seed in Alfaga raw quality, by Biercors.

Cosmetics ingredients:

  • Ti-sence range (fermented tea, well known as kombucha or youth elixir) by BioCorium