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Good News ! 

In 2022, there will have 50% of organic food in public catering and canteen in France. 

A fast-growing market, fuelled by new consumer patterns and driven by market players.

In France, consumer purchases of organic food are estimated at 9.7 billion euros in 2018. In 2018, more than 9 in 10 French people ate or drank organic at least occasionally, and almost 3/4 buy organic on a regular basis – at least once a month. In 2018, organic products are worth 5% of the French food purchases.

Source: Agence Bio and AFP.

The Organic Food and Wine sector: expanding fast

More than 600 companies will exhibit in the Organic food sector in 2019, which is the largest in the show. Its scale is a reflection of the vitality of the market both in France and abroad. Worldwide, the organic product market has grown nearly fourfold in the space of ten years, valued at more than 80.2 billion euros in 2015.

Special features are scheduled, staging exhibitor know-how and products.

The Organic Cookery Workshop: A space for the creation and expression of chefs from highly-distinguished establishments and Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, the Organic Cookery Workshop will be the laboratory for authentic and healthy cuisine. Located at the heart of the “Organic & Tasty” sector and opening onto the exhibition aisles, visitors to Natexpo will be approached and invited to taste the preparations made from the innovative products of exhibitors

Product categories on show in this sector

  • Drinks (water, alcohol, fruit juice, soft drinks)
  • Butchery (meat, poultry, etc.)
  • Bakery (pancakes, bread, cakes, pastries, etc.)
  • Dairy (butter, cheese, milk, eggs, dairy food, etc.)
  • Grocery goods (cereals, spices, oil, etc.)
  • Seafood (shellfish, crustaceans, fish, etc.)
  • Fresh goods (fruit, vegetables, etc.)
  • Breakfast (biscuits, confectionery, coffee, tea, etc.)
  • Frozen food (ice cream, etc.)

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