Nine months before the opening of your international trade event for organic products in Paris

The French organic market is the most dynamic in Europe, recording 17% growth in 2017. 31% of organic products consumed in France are imported. (Source: Agence BIO).

Natexpo 2019 as it stands today:

16 countries represented

17% of exhibitors from outside France

20% of the surface area is occupied by these exhibitors

Come and discover the organic offering from Italy, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria.

New in 2019:

. Pavilions: Italy, Austria, Belgium, Peru, Canada, etc.

. Import/Export Office: a discussion forum located in the centre of the Food sector, a chance to offer a platform to international platforms on subjects such as:

  • certification equivalence
  • the organic momentum in their country: the state of the local market, know-how, trends
  • trade agreements with the European Union

A visit to Natexpo 2019 is therefore an opportunity to discover organic products from all corners of the world, the chance to discuss with the many representatives of the Pavilions at the show and to address your import/export issues.


Focus on “The Bridge”, the international winner in the Beverages category of the 2018 Natexpo Awards

Since 2005, the Natexpo Awards have distinguished the most innovative, useful, practical and original products launched on the market during the past.
Like every year, we receive a lot of applications!
Last year, 14 exhibitors and their products received distinctions.
Among them, an international exhibitor won an Award in 2018: “The Bridge”, received a Gold award for their Brazil Nut Drink.
The company is back this year for the 2019 edition of Natexpo

“The Bridge” is a small family company based in a village in northern Italy: San Pietro Mussolino in the province of Vicenza. Their products (drinks, desserts, cooking creams, etc.) are 100% vegan and cholesterol and lactose-free. They are made from carefully selected ingredients and are certified organic, free of preservatives and artificial flavours!

Their mission… STAY AUTHENTIC!
They also created the first ever Italian drink made from organic rice.

Their principles

 Using spring water: all the products are made with spring water which comes directly from the mountains in their village. This means that their products contain 20% of all materials and 80% spring water. Water is a vital ingredient to make a plant-based drink that tastes good.

Made in Italy: their products are made from high-quality ingredients with high traceability. Their rice comes from Piedmont and Lombardy, their soy from Emilia Romagna, oats from Tuscany, hazelnuts from Lazio and almonds from Sicily.

Using one of the oldest crops known to humanity: they enhance their products with safflower oil, one of the oldest crops known to humanity. Their aim: mask its strange taste so that the consumer only notices its benefits!

A small family-run company: “the Bridge” is a true family. It is a company made up of mothers, brothers, sons and aunts, fathers-in-law and nephews: a real mix of generations!

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