Ankorstore is an online sales platform dedicated to professionals, established in 2019, which connects over 30,000 brands with 300,000 merchants across Europe. Ankorstore provides the tools to enable independent retailers to source products under the most favorable conditions while offering brands the opportunity to expand their distributor network within 28 European countries.

Advantages of Ankorstore for brands:

  1. Controlled distribution (by country and merchant type).
  2. Guaranteed payment upon delivery, eliminating the risk of non-payment or delays.
  3. Recurrent commercial operations.
  4. Logistics services including storage, order management, and expedited shipping.

Advantages of Ankorstore for merchants:

  1. Access to nearly 2 million products.
  2. Minimum order requirement of 100 euros.
  3. Free delivery for multi-brand orders exceeding 300 euros.
  4. Payment terms of up to 90 days.
  5. Regular commercial events.