L’écho circulaire, the media at the service of another economic model

For three years, the online information site L’Écho Circulaire (, has been aimed at all players involved in the circular economy: VSE-PME, SMI, artisans, ESS, consultancy firms, professional organizations, institutions, local authorities, public services. Professional newsletter on recycling and the circular economy, this media highlights the approaches and expertise of men and women whose ambition is to change the lines and transform our production and consumption model. With the guiding idea: the preservation of resources and the reduction of our carbon footprint.

To bring to the fore those who get involved through technological innovations, regulatory advances, or new industrial practices, we address all facets of the circular economy. There are many virtuous solutions to change the paradigm: reuse, repair, recycling but also responsible purchasing, industrial and territorial ecology without forgetting the functional or service economy. Based on regulatory, technical or economic news, but also by offering thematic files and reports, the circular echo examines and analyzes the emergence of a new economic and social model. Every day, we provide the tools and insights useful for reflection and decision-making.


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