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Cosmetics and hygiene products

8 November 2016

All the latest trends in the organic cosmetics market


The organic cosmetics market in figures

In step with consumers’ desire for natural beauty and wellness, natural cosmetics are displaying solid growth at +7%. This vitality is translated into growing supplier participation at Natexpo. The French natural and organic cosmetics market was worth 450 million euros in 2015. On a global level, the size of the market amounted to 7.7 billion euros in 2015. France is the second largest European market after Germany.


Market offering breakdown

In France, organic and natural cosmetics are sold through a range of retail channels in the following proportions.

  • 39% in superstores and large-scale retail
  • 32% in drugstores and chemists
  • 30% on Internet
  • 29% in organic / health food shops
  • 16% in health institutes
  • 8% in mass retail.


Purchases of organic and natural cosmetics in France mainly concern care products. The following percentage of organic cosmetics buyers buy the following:

  • 82% face care
  • 80% hair care
  • 77% body care
  • 76% toiletries
  • 59% make-up
  • 45% massage and relaxation
  • 34% perfumery products

Source: Cosmebio.


Product categories on show in this sector

    • Body creams, gels and milk
    • Manicure, make-up, pedicure and hair removal products
    • Soaps, shampoos, perfumes, etc.


In this sector you will also have the chance to visit the Cosmetics Innovation Village.