{:fr}Produits et services pour la maison et la personne{:}{:en}Household and personal products and services{:}

Household and personal products and services

8 November 2016

The zone dedicated to home and people

The “Household and personal products” sector hosted 70 exhibitors in 2015, offering a wide and extensive range of eco-friendly products for the home, personal use and retail. These included lighting, home accessories, bedding, household linen, stationery, games, toys, cleaning products, DIY and gardening products and accessories, clothing, fashion accessories, leather goods, but also shop fittings, e-commerce, logistic, packaging, payment systems, training, etc.

Product categories on show in this sector

  • Personal goods: clothing, leather goods, children’s games and toys, etc.
  • Household products: lighting, building and decoration materials, bedding, household linen, furniture, stationery, paint, cleaning, DIY and gardening products, etc.