During an exceptional period for public health concerns, consumers rushed to buy disinfectant products – and particularly bleach. Manufacturers of organic cleaning products however provide an effective alternative, without the same toxic threats to the environment.

In addition to disinfectants, manufacturers with an environmental commitment develop formulas for housework and laundering that do not harm the health of users or the environment. Without compromising on their formulae, newcomers are bringing a breath of fresh air to the sector.

Other companies specialise in solutions aimed at pipes, cars, boats or for industrial purposes.

Here is a closer look at the manufacturers of cleaning products in attendance at Natexpo.


A healthy home

Jacques Briochin, (booth M28), one of the brands belonging to the Brittany-based small business Harris-Briochin, draws on the experience of a century-old chemist. It has become a reference in high quality, Ecocert-qualified cleaning products for the consumer market – in the beginning, Briochin products were originally aimed at collective and industry use. From raw ingredients (black soap, bicarbonate of soda, citric acid) to descaling products (concentrated vinegar) and specific products (kitchen, bathroom, floors), the range covers every corner of the home.

With expertise in organic cleaning products stretching back 35 years, Arcy Vert’s (booth J28) particularity resides in its use of enzymes. These proteins produced by living organisms accelerate the efficacy of ingredients. For instance, the lipase enzyme accelerates the breakdown of fatty stains. With its multi-purpose cleaning detergents, detergents for toilets, septic tanks and ambient air, Arcy Vert makes for a clean, healthy home.

The consultancy Good (booth E96), specialising in alternative and sustainable modes of consumption, represents brands such as You®. With its dynamic approach to housework, You® shakes up convention in the sector and draws on the world’s first blockchain system for cleaning products formulated by the consultancy for total transparency on the manufacture of its products – scan the QR code to get comprehensive and forgery-proof information.

Since 1995, Comptoir des Lys (booth H10) has been harnessing powerful environmental concepts. Among the brands it owns is Etamine du Lys, whose range of cleaning products incorporates plant-based active ingredients. Its disinfectant, certified as an eco-detergent by Ecocert, can be used to eradicate bacteria and viruses in bathrooms and toilets, refrigerators, on door handles, etc.

Lea Nature (booth J11), already renowned for its natural cosmetics, has developed a range of simple and high-quality cleaning products under the brand name Biovie, for use all around the house: multi-surface detergent, bicarbonate of soda, toilet gel cleaner, household vinegar, black soap, etc.

With a slightly rebellious and free-speaking spirit, Mutyne (booth L52) is leading its green revolution by creating cleaning, laundry and dishwashing products that are eco-friendly on every level: effectiveness, minimal environmental impact, bio-based and biodegradable ingredients, etc.

Washing, cleaning and disinfecting are all skills mastered by the German firm Sonett (booth G20), a specialist in eco-friendly care products in all areas (laundry, dishwashing, personal hygiene, etc.). The company’s product range includes disinfectant products for hands and surfaces.

Ecodis (booth J9) supplies eco-products to more than 2,300 specialist stores and artisans in France. Its cleaning product brands include La Droguerie Ecologique®, complemented by la Droguerie Ecopratique® to make your own cleaning products – straightforward products such as bicarbonate of soda, black soap, white vinegar or clay all feature prominently.

For Eco-Conseils (booth F20), environmentalism is an obvious choice. China clay (efficient on the toughest stains), diatomaceous earth (an odour absorber and insect repellent), black soap (soft or liquid) and soap flakes all appear in its range.

The tablet specialist Eurotab (booth H28) – the first French company to obtain the Ecolabel for dishwasher tablets in 2006 – has several ranges, including a disinfectant based on peracetic acid (bleach-free).


Marseille soap

The iconic soap cube is seeing its tradition perpetuated thanks to Savonnerie du Midi (booth I18), founded in 1894. Geographic origin and a manufacturing charter guarantee the quality of this soap that can be used for both personal hygiene and housework.


Focus on laundry detergents

Eco-friendly and attractive clothes detergents constitute a genuine market, consumer demand to which the company Les Petits Bidons (booth K50) responded. The founder wished to start from a blank slate by developing biodegradable and efficient formulae. No more crude oil derivatives, palm oil, sulphates, borates, optical brighteners, etc. Its pledge is to 99.6% of natural ingredients. They come in a range of fragrances: lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, white flowers, fresh lemon… and a fragrance-free laundry care product for babies. The company has also developed a loose product dispensing system in its premises and is about to adopt deposit return with glass bottles.

Mutyne and You® are also established on the laundry care market, and La Droguerie Ecologique® offers a make-it-yourself clothes detergent kit.


Pipe cleaning

Epur, the brand of the Belgian company Bevil (booth M11), which joined the Chembo group, is the organic solution for the cleaning of septic tanks, holding tanks, grease tanks, traditional toilets, grinders, portable toilets, cisterns and rainwater butts.


Bright, shiny cars

GS27 (booth J14) is the leading car care brand. In addition to its conventional ranges, the company has also invented Pure, a range of eco-friendly products (glass and textile cleaners) with 100% plant-based formulae.


Professional-scale cleaning

Bionétal (booth L19) supplies cleaning products to many industry and construction professionals. For personal customers, the company has developed household cleaning products (including for ovens, windows, induction hobs, PVC, etc.) but also for cars, exteriors, swimming pools, boats, etc. The company offers its products in large volume packs for professionals.