From deodorant to shampoo and toothpaste to skincare, an increasing number of brands are developing “solid” versions of their cosmetics and toiletries. These new beauty products have many advantages and can offer the consumer a beauty alternative that is more natural and more sustainable.

Solid cosmetics, the zero waste alternative

The main benefit of solid cosmetics is their zero waste aspect. Entirely in step with today’s environmental concerns, solid cosmetics can contribute to reducing or totally eradicating superfluous and polluting packaging. Such is the case for example with solid shampoos that come in a simple cardboard packet, a glass pot or an aluminium can. Once they are finished, the containers are either reusable or recyclable!


Effective and high quality products

Just as effective as liquid cosmetics, solid organic cosmetics generally guarantee a simpler composition and a limited quantity of ingredients. They contain little or no water and are much more concentrated in active ingredients. This anhydrous composition makes it possible to do without preservatives. Solid cosmetics are also cost-effective as they last longer on average than their liquid versions.


A wide choice of products

Innovation is well in evidence in organic cosmetics and solid cosmetics are developing in all categories of hygiene and beauty products. In original and fun formats, all kinds of solid cosmetics can be found today: toothpaste, shampoo, hair conditioner, deodorant, face cleanser… They feature a different range of shapes and colours, thereby offering a new experience to consumers.


Among the exhibitors at NATEXPO 2020:

Make a beeline for the Cosmetics Innovations Forum

In association with Cosmebio, the trade association for eco-friendly and organic cosmetics, Natexpo dedicates a space every year to beauty and wellness: the Cosmetics Innovations Forum.


Here, you can attend talks on themes including solid cosmetics and meet an array of companies that have started operating on this market.