This is the super ingredient topping the wellness charts at the moment: high in vitamin A and C, iron, potassium and even protein. Moringa is an energy booster and an immunostimulant and an anti-inflammatory, delivering benefits to sight, cardiovascular health, also detoxing and acting against skin ageing.

In short, it’s a winner all the way. Whether in the form of powder, capsules, tisanes or oils, “the miracle tree” is as renowned as turmeric (curcuma) which continues to keep us in good health and delight our taste buds.



  • Moringa-ginger tisane, by Salus Haus GMBH & Co 
  • 100% Fruits lemon-moringa preparation, by Naturgie
  • Detox sardines with curcuma and ginger, by Gendreau
  • Curcuma infusion, by Pagès Thés et Infusions
  • Curcuma-lemon refreshing drink, par Thera Sana

Dietary supplements:

  • First moringa oil in capsule form, by LT Labo 

Health food:

  • Curcuma & Energy, by Ulrich Walter Gmbh