Micro-trend No. 7: ‘Oildorado’

The list of oils on the market is constantly growing, offering a multitude of vegetable options as an alternative to butter. Predictions are even announcing a global slow-down in the top-ranking olive oil market, with global production stagnating at 3.19 million tonnes and a slight drop in consumption (-1.5%[i]). Instead, we will see the emergence of new forms of liquid gold, from camelina, hemp or chia seed.

This is an Eldorado, or rather an “oildorado” as the repertoire of seeds and oilseeds is vast.

Proof in products:


Micro-trend No. 8: The consecration of hemp

While hemp and CBD (or cannabidiol, the non-psychotropic molecule of cannabis) have been big on the other side of the Atlantic for many years, both in food and in cosmetics, France has had a more cautious approach. As the second global producer, with around 8,000 hectares grown (mainly for industrial use[ii]), France will soon be authorising the use of French hemp extracts, in particular cannabidiol, in finished products (Note: France banned extraction and products already on sale contain CBD of foreign origin[iii] (15)).

Hemp is emerging in bathrooms and kitchens, in shampoo, breakfast products and even spreads. This ingredient is guaranteed not to make you feel high, but relaxed!

Proof in products:



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[i] Note by International Olive Council (IOC), 2021
[ii] https://weedy.fr/la-culture-du-chanvre-en-france/
[iii] LSA/ Union of manufacturers for the promotion of hemp extracts. “While regulations will clarify the non-narcotic status of CBD, the commercial use of the whole flower and leaves will still be banned to avoid confusion with narcotic products.”