Groupe ECOCERT Ecocert, French leader in the certification of organic products, presents the outcomes and perspectives of the sustainable ethical cosmetic trend.


With 72% of French people changing their consumption habits in favour of more responsible and sustainable products, consuming better and less has become a firm trend.
(Greenflex 2021 barometer)

Consumers’ need for proof and transparency in order to believe in brands’ commitments is particularly demonstrated through their search for certified organic, natural and/or fair trade products.
This new way of consuming is boosting the organic and natural beauty market with growth of around 12% per year. Likewise, the fair trade  market (through the Fair for Life label)is also doubling in this sector.

organic products


Ethical cosmetics are therefore increasingly in demand as they demonstrate brands’ respect for social, environmental and economic commitments. They thus have a genuine impact on the entire supply chain, from producer to consumer.

The COSMOS and Fair for Life labels by Ecocert respond to this demand and are a guarantee of trust and transparency. By combining them, they respond to the current challenges of the organic and fair trade cosmetics sector to protect natural resources, minimise the environmental impact of packaging, fight climate change and inform consumers in their purchasing choices.

                     Cosmos Organic           Fair For Life    


Certification is a way of guaranteeing and promoting best social and environmental practices and having this approach recognised by consumers. The Ecocert group certifies many French and international brands with the COSMOS label for natural and organic cosmetics, and the Fair for Life label for fair trade. Ecocert is currently the global leader in COSMOS certification (60% market share). At the end of 2021, with over 29,000 products and 18,000 ingredients certified in over 50 countries, COSMOS is the international benchmark standard for organic and natural products.

There are a variety of ethical cosmetic products that are certified organic or natural and Fair for Life: creams, soaps, make-up, deodorants, perfumes, etc. The raw materials promoted as fair trade are mono-ingredient such as simple oils (shea, argan, hazelnut, etc.), floral hydrolats or aloe vera. 

Organic products


For Ecocert, ethical cosmetics labelled by Fair for Life and COSMOS respond to consumer demand for more transparent and environmentally and socially-responsible brands.


Ecocert will be present at the Natexpo exhibition from 18 to 20 September 2022 at Eurexpo Lyon.