Escurette is the French hand-made ear curette, which has been revived by a sustainably aware French family business. It is an eco-friendly alternative to the cotton bud, whose use, beyond impacting the environment, can be harmful to the ear and is discouraged by many ear specialists.

To return all its former glory to the curette, which was abandoned and forgotten in the 1960s, this French family firm have opted for French and fair-trade manufacturing. In 2019 it launched the escurette, drawing inspiration from a plastic-free traditional method, to offer a responsible personal hygiene accessory.


toute la gamme d'escurettes, alternatives écologiques au coton-tige


From its earliest days, the company embarked upon the Natexpo adventure to spread the word about its product. Following two participations at the show, it is taking the Big Splash, a format consistent with its strategy to gain in visibility. The Prevos family who founded the company tells us more about their journey.


You exhibited on a Village stand in 2019 and 2020: what was your company like back then?

At the time it was early days for Escurette, Natexpo was our first foray into the outside world, we were finding our feet.

We are a family-run company, and we are sensitive to environmentally-aware initiatives. Previously, we had founded an organic grocery in the early 2000s, so we were quite familiar with the network. As a manufacturer, you have to develop a name for yourself, and Natexpo has helped achieve that!

les membres de la société familiale Escurette


In what way was this exhibition format an opportunity for you?

It’s an opportunity for young companies to meet other sector professionals at an affordable price. After Natexpo, a lot of contacts we had made came to fruition.


l'escurette, alternative écologique au coton-tigeToday you are exhibiting in the Big Splash at Natexpo? What does this new step represent in your strategy?

Natexpo has become the must-attend show for us. We always bump into our long-standing clients and at each show we meet new people. Given how particular this year has been, it is important to maintain human contact.

As the manufacturer of a unique product, we are looking for increasing visibility and we want to assert our place on the market.  


What impact has Natexpo had on your company’s development?

Natexpo is a major lever for the development of young companies. The first shows we exhibited at helped us create ties and partnerships very quicky and reassured us in how people perceived the advantages and quality of our product.


Discover the story behind the invention of the eco-friendly alternative to the cotton bud – and also the film showing how it is made, on their website.