Today, a majority of innovations in the beauty product sector are connected with naturality. In cosmetics as in other markets, consumers expect to find products that take greater care of the environment and their health. The market for organic and natural cosmetics is therefore growing quickly, reaching €11 billion of sales worldwide in 2018. And the phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing down: according to estimates, the market is set to exceed €5 billion of sales in Europe between now and 2023. France is a driving force in this field, in third position worldwide for its organic cosmetic market in 2019.

As a true reflection of this spectacular growth, the Cosmetics and Hygiene Products sector will be widely represented at Natexpo 2020, the international trade show for organic products, which will be held this year on 21 and 22 September at Eurexpo Lyon. With two months still to go, more than 70 firms in the sector have already registered, bringing a 33% increase in the surface area occupied by this sector compared to the previous Lyon edition in 2018. The 10,000 expected visitors will thus have the opportunity to meet and talk with the many industry professionals in attendance during these two days and to discover their innovations, in particular in the field of loose selling and zero waste.


Bulk retail in organic cosmetics, a growing trend

Among the new solutions on offer in the Cosmetics and Hygiene field: bulk, or loose selling, which reduces packaging and offers a new eco-friendly purchasing experience.

Initiatives in loose selling are developing fast: firms today offer innovative dispensing solutions for all liquids in the hygiene and cosmetics sector: creams, shampoos, shower gels,  etc. Finally, it is also possible to fully eliminate potential waste, as illustrated by La Savonnerie du Midi which will present its famous packaging-free Marseille soap at the show.

Natexpo will also be an opportunity to discover the young company Cozie, which has reinvented the beauty product retail experience by offering liquid, organic and zero waste cosmetics thanks to a returnable container system and a bulk dispensing machine for product vending. The co-founder of Cozie, the winner of Natexbio Challenge 2019, tells us how things have changed thanks to Natexpo: “It was a fantastic opportunity, because as a young company (…) this tradeshow was a powerful springboard to increase awareness and demonstrate our loose vending machines. The impact was, and continues to be, huge: our reputation in the organic world received a massive boost thanks to Natexpo.


Zero waste in cosmetics: innovations to go all the way to the bottom…

This year, the exhibition is focusing on zero waste. Cosmetic packaging is being redesigned to prevent any waste. Several solutions are considered such as “smart sizing” which consists of creating small containers which allow the consumer to more easily finish the product before its use-by date.

Other firms are concentrating on a new challenge: using the last millilitres of the product with designs which allow the consumer to entirely empty the bottle or tub.

This is the project that Clever Beauty will be displaying at Natexpo, thanks to its anti-waste nail varnish. The bottle is fitted with a stopper which, with a simple click, enables the user to finish all the product in the bottle

Clever Beauty


Make a beeline for the Cosmetic Innovations Forum

In association with Cosmebio, the trade association for eco-friendly and organic cosmetics, Natexpo puts on an area every year dedicated to beauty and well-being: the Cosmetics Innovations Forum.

Professionals from the sector are thus invited to attend talks delivered by Cosmebio and will also be able to take part in workshops, test products and even be pampered.