From 20 to 22 October this year, organic professionals are set to meet up in France at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre for Natexpo, the international trade show for organic products – and an event that maps out the future of the organic sector!

Among the 1,000 exhibitors representing all types of market player – producers, manufacturers, processors, retailers and industry specialists from France and around the world -, more than 600 suppliers of organic food and wine will be exhibiting, establishing Natexpo as the leading French tradeshow for organic foodstuffs.

This rich resource pool constitutes a one-stop shop where commercial and collective foodservice professionals can discover all the latest trends and innovations, and offers them a chance to meet new partners and suppliers.


The French in demand of organic food in commercial and collective catering

With an average of 7 out of 10 French consumers interested in an organic out-of-home food offering, organic food and drink in catering are on the crest of a wave.

The French would most like to see organic food served in school canteens, with 85% of households with children indicating their interest. Meanwhile, 78% of French people want to see organic served in restaurants, 76% in hospitals and 74% in retirement homes.

In response to these expectations, 45% of commercial food service outlets surveyed in mid-2018 declared that their offering included organic products.

Source Agence Bio, 2019

The market for organic products served in out-of-home catering is estimated to be worth €452 million (figures for 2017, excluding VAT), comprising €246 million in collective catering (up 7% on 2016) and €206 million in commercial food service (+13% vs 2016). And market potential is far from exhausted.

Source Agence Bio / ANDi, May 2018


A prime position for catering at Natexpo 2019

The catering sector will benefit from pride of place at Natexpo:

  • a special catering visitor trail will be planned out,
  • visitors will have the opportunity to attend cookery workshops run by chefs and discover the Organic Wine Village,
  • business meetings will be organised throughout the show,
  • and, new this year, visitors will also be able to follow an itinerary dedicated to frozen food.

A catering-specific visitor trail

To guide catering professionals around the aisles among more than 1,000 exhibiting firms, Natexpo will be laying on a visitor trail exclusively dedicated to catering.

Specially curated to meet the needs of these professionals, this trail featuring nearly 400 exhibitors offers a plunge into the world of collective and commercial catering. Visitors will thus be able to save time and make the most out of their visit by meeting these industry professionals.


Frozen food: a new market segment at Natexpo

To reduce waste and unused food, an increasing number of producers and processors are extending their ranges to frozen food.

Frozen organic food is particularly well-suited to collective catering (canteens, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.) and provides an efficient response to customers’ demands for easy-to-serve products that are healthy and environmentally friendly.

A visitor trail devoted to frozen food will enable catering professionals to discover all the latest new products and innovations in the sector.


Cookery Workshop: a venue for exchange and discovery

The Cookery Workshop is a live showcase for organic products used in catering. This forum for creative expression is a laboratory for cuisine in which chefs will come to share their inspiration and know-how. The Cookery Workshop opens onto the aisles of the show, inviting visitors to come and taste the dishes concocted from exhibitors’ products.

Every day, chefs will take turns to perform 45-minute cookery demonstrations illustrating the leading trends in organic and highlighting the products supplied by the show’s exhibitors. These demonstrations will address a wide range of themes such as collective catering, frozen organic food, zero waste, vegan, raw food, etc.


Business meetings

During the three days of the show, Natexpo will offer professionals from all sectors the opportunity to come together and develop their business via the organisation of business meetings.

In meeting booths positioned within the exhibition hall, Natexpo will organise targeted appointments between exhibitors and buyers, more specifically from the catering sector. These meetings offer purchasers the chance to discover exhibitors’ offerings and innovations in greater detail.

These meetings allow visitors to save time by benefiting from targeted and personalised meetings with exhibitors who match their criteria. Registrations for business meetings are now open at:


Regional Focus

This feature is a forum at the heart of the show where interprofessional organisations, federations and regional bodies will share their experience in areas notably including commercial and collective food service, through a series of free-to-attend round tables.

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