Today’s art de vivre is about moving towards consumption that is both natural and attractive. Using traditional recipes and giving them a modern twist to eat and drink healthily – and enjoying it – is the solution to meet our needs and delight our taste buds!

Producers and manufactures have latched on to fulfilling this search for healthy and attractive products, and have reinvented traditions to offer ever more astounding new developments. Fermentation is making a comeback and has inspired manufacturers to innovate and harness the potential of this method with new applications, kombucha, vegetables, dessert, etc.

But how can these new products be promoted and consumers be won over in this quest for appeal? With natural, eco-friendly and refined packaging which, at a glance, supports the brand story.


The Ginger People reinvent confectionery with its organic sweets made from fresh turmeric, Javanese ginger and coconut sugar: Arjuna Ginger Bites with Turmeric. Combining honey with black garlic is the audacious move from L’Etuverie.

In drinks, kombucha is making a big splash with ginger and yuzu by So Kombucha, with additional turmeric from Biogroupe. Herbal infusions can be found in desserts from La Lémance with its strawberry and basil hydrolat yoghurt – and can also be used in cosmetics, for example in Huile Sèche Divine, by Florame with the highest percentage of organic product on the market: 83%.

Naturalness can also be found in the no-frills packaging of Sunny circular innovation crackers and biscuits by Heisenberg.


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