New in 2018

In January 2018 Biobleud extended its range of puff and shortcrust pastry to include a new granary version. Offering even more taste and authenticity, the original recipe was enhanced with 10% of whole grain flour, comprising type 110 wheat flour, type 130 barley flour and type 80 spelt flour. This new formulation has proven popular for its crustiness and cereal taste: a blend of nutritional quality and flavour.

A new brand in specialist stores

Faire Bien is a new brand of French organic and responsible dairy products, with four products due to arrive on shop shelves in September 2018. Faire Bien is also the story of a cause: enabling the organic dairy farming profession to live on by recruiting and training today the dairy farmers of the future. Faire Bien is a socially supportive brand, since 5% of its turnover is donated to this cause.

2018 is a year to celebrate!

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Sébastien Chatelain taking over the reins of the firm CONFITURERIE JM CHATELAIN from his father Jean-Marc, who is today enjoying his retirement. The past 10 years have seen the launch of 4 new products. These sugar-free all-fruit specialities are suitable for diabetics.

Meanwhile, TOPAS GmbH is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018. For the occasion, it offers the VegeSeitan Tradition, a tribute to the Asian tradition the Seitan, a recipe formulated by Buddhist monks many centuries ago. This delicious but perfectly executed recipe has been adapted to European taste buds.


Also at Natexpo…


Childhood friends

BE TSARA is a producer of organically certified Ravintsara, sold in the form of essential oils and leaves (to be taken as an infusion). Tahina, the producer in Madagascar, is in charge of all of the production, by hand and without using any machinery, in keeping with the country’s traditions. Tristan and Teddy, his childhood friends, market the product in France.

Discover cold brew coffee

In this production technique, coffee is left to infuse in cold water for 10 hours, producing higher caffeine content. Coffee Ride is a natural and low-sugar energy drink by Alterfood, available in three versions: black coffee, vanilla coffee and almond milk coffee.

From industry to retail

Previously, La Maison d’Armorine made organic products solely for the food industry (organic cream caramel and organic salted butter caramel flakes). At Natexpo 2018, La Maison d’Armorine will exclusively unveil its first organic consumer range under the brand name “Mam BIO”.

Organic pet food!

A pioneer in organic food for cats and dogs, Yarrah Organic Petfood started out in its all-organic adventure in 1992. All products are totally free of chemicals, pesticides, GM ingredients, antioxidants, artificial flavours, colouring, refined sugar and any other ingredients not fit for human consumption (feathers, beaks, hooves, etc.). Yarrah also sells Vegan wheat-free dog biscuits.

Ever more natural food

SBV Prés Gourmand’s cooked ham is made without sodium nitrite, an additive traditionally used in meat curing, resulting in a reassuringly natural pale colour.