Seaweed, the organic food superstar

Seaweed is continuing to feature in prime place in food products in all categories. With its multiple properties and high in protein, antioxidants and minerals, seaweed is one of the essential ingredients of organic recipes. Algue Service has recently added to its traditional range of seaweed tartares with Mayonnalg, an all-plant based mayonnaise-type sauce to be found in the chilled food section, made with 15% fresh seaweed, bringing a taste of iodine to everyday cooking. Meanwhile, Notre Terre has turned mustard into a béarnaise sauce with the addition of seaweed.


Zero waste and 100% convenience

When producers team up to make good use of their unsold (unappealing or off-size) production, what you get is LABEL D’OC, a cottage cannery business, and its range 7/e, jars of conserves made from seasonal local products and free of preservatives and colourings.

Just as handy as disposable pouches of puree but much more economical, fun and ecological, the reusable Squiz offer families an opportunity to enjoy their snack on-the-go while consuming responsibly. Fill them with home-made or bulk-bought purees, and take them wherever you go. Reusable an average of 50 times, they bring variety to the snack pouch whilst substantially reducing waste.

Organic AND convenient: The wrapped madeleine distributor makes these bite-size cakes easier to display in a cake shop and will be a treat for gourmets. ABDC Nutrition, an all-French group headquartered in the Hauts de France region, specialises in the manufacture of organic, healthy and tasty products: organic nutrition (including gluten-free), organic groceries, bakery and bulk sales.


Selling direct and French-made

Made in Provence according to traditional methods, the artisan Angèle Confiserie offers a wide range of authentic organic products: savoury crackers, dried fruit and nuts, calissons, nougat, shortbread, marzipan, etc.

CONFITURERIE JM CHATELAIN furthers its sustainable development policy through a local strawberry grower currently converting to organic. This partnership adds an additional building block to supplies of French-origin fruit.

CBF Enseigne Notre Terre aims to cut out intermediaries, producing from raw materials sourced in its region. Its Bearnaise sauce includes seaweed, shallots, tarragon and virgin olive oil.

Based in Maussane-les-Alpilles – in the heart of Provence – for nearly a century, Jean Martin creates fully natural and authentic conserves from Mediterranean vegetables and olives. With its organic range and seasonal vegetables, the brand is increasingly turning to local suppliers and protecting the environment, and continues to uphold the transparency of its practices by making its products without preservatives, palm oil, additives, GM ingredients or major allergens. Jean Martin is also a supporter of fair trade practices, selecting products which contribute to improving producers’ living conditions, and is stepping up its CSR (corporate social responsibility) practices and commitment to its home region, in particular by holding the Entrepreneurs plus Engagés (more committed businesspeople) label.

PODER SARL offers the best of Brittany with its range of 150 vegetable products from the region. As a pioneering organic Breton firm, PODER upholds strong values: protection of the environment and biodiversity and care for interpersonal relations not only within the firm but also towards suppliers, customers and service providers. PODER has formally set out its CSR policy and earned the label “Bio Entreprise Durable” (organic sustainable firm) in 2017.



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