The 2019 Incubator: a treasure trove of innovative concepts!

In the organic sector, small businesses are becoming ever more inventive to present new, innovative products and concepts. It all starts with a handful of people with a passion and commitment to giving meaning to consumerism and advocating values!



As an area designed to shine a spotlight on this type of initiative, the Organic Incubator at Natexpo will offer these small businesses increased visibility on the organic market.

In 2019, in addition to firms that exhibited last time around and are returning, the Organic Incubator will welcome several new small companies with a lot of surprises in store!


Focus on healthy and inventive food!

Returning home-made stock to its former glory, the bouillons from Bu Bouillons are 100% natural and free of additives. The Radieux (carrot/fennel/ginger), the Câlin (peas, mint, coconut), the Charmeur (mushroom/ginger) … all these recipes with evocative names will set your mouth watering. The firm is run by Seb and Sam, two enthusiastic foodies.

It was just waiting to be invented: GreendOz’ did it! Vegetable based flours to replace the all-pervasive wheat flour. With high fibre, protein and mineral content, together with complex starch from pulses, these flours offer the advantage of low calories and a moderate glycaemic index. They can be used in all types of savoury or sweet recipes!

When two food enthusiasts get worried about the health effects of sugar, this leads to the creation of Max de génie, mixes to produce recipes with low glycaemic indexes. The secret behind them: selected ingredients such as hulled barley or lupin flours, and coconut blossom sugar.

Behind the creation of 110 graines is Sandy, a former top-level sportsperson who naturally turned towards products that are good for people and for the planet. On the menu: nuts, flour, pulses, rice, spices, flavourings, natural sugars… all organic, naturally! The added extra: nutritional advice and recipes suggested for each type of product.


Seaweed: what a superfood!

When a father and son from Brittany decide to rejuvenate a nutrient rich and renewable local foodstuff, what comes out is delicious seaweed fry mixes (under the La Marmite de Lanig brand)! Whether red, green or brown, seaweed is extremely rich in nutritional benefits. Combined with lentils, buckwheat or white beans and a few vegetables such as fennel or carrots, they are a delight for the taste buds.

Hoope harnesses the full potential of spirulina, a microalga which is a concentrate of proteins, in a range of spreads. Coming in two varieties (hazelnut and cocoa or almond), the spreads have less sugar and can be used in a multitude of recipes!


For people intolerant of gluten and other allergens

The French gluten intolerance association AFDIAG will be in attendance at the Natexpo Organic Incubator. An opportunity to find more about celiac disease, its diagnosis and its effects.

But enjoying your food when you are gluten or lactose intolerant is still possible! Freelyhandustry has risen to the challenge with recipes without gluten, dairy products, eggs or soybean and, needless to say, without palm oil either! Chocolate chip, raspberry or almond and pecan nut cookies… Each product is wrapped individually to stay fresh as long as possible.

So as not to deprive children with allergies of their teatime treat, Stéphanie Baras from Belgium created les Boudines, comprising a range of biscuits made from organic and whole food ingredients. Made without gluten, lactose or egg, the biscuits are packed in pretty glass jars!

Great Granola, also born in Belgium, offers a range of delicious gluten free granola made from oats and/or buckwheat which are full of healthy ingredients.


Tea and other magic potions: drinks with plenty of benefits!

In addition to the Chapelier fou’s offbeat world of organic teas, the Incubator will also play host to Iro Matcha, whose founder was immediately won over by matcha and its treasures. The company sells a box teaching the Japanese tea ritual. It should be noted that matcha has up to 137 times more antioxidants than classic green tea sold in teabag format!

Fruit kefirs are the new drinks marketed by the Labo du Moulin. Sparkling and not too sweet, Kiff’it have high probiotic content. Water, fruit, kefir grains… All the benefits of a low sweetness and fermented drink, with no additives!

The Labo du Moulin is the winner of the Natexbio Challenge 2019, a nationwide programme supporting project developers in the organic sector, launched by the Natexbio Federation.

Symples has returned to the ancestral tradition of picking medicinal plants and fruit to make healthy and nourishing potions. Coming in “relaxing” or “energising” versions, these potions reintroduce the user to lavender, chamomile, rosemary, thyme, sea buckthorn, cherries, etc. in subtle blends. Meanwhile, Symples’ sparkling infusions display grassy and fresh flavours such as blackcurrant leaf, basil and peppermint.

Eco-friendly products

At a time when plastics are criticised for the pollution they generate, having access to eco-friendly products dedicated to infants is a sustainable solution! Green to Pro distributes eco-friendly baby bottles, dummies, baby carriers and toys to professionals. Their brands include Close Parents, Hevea Planet, Pura Stainless, Bio Série and Benjamins.

Dietary supplements and cosmetics

Laboratoires Science et Equilibre use blends of seven complementary plants and highly concentrated extracts for their dietary supplements aimed at treating hair loss, detox, blood circulation, etc. Cosmetics also play on synergies between vegetable oils, plant extracts and essential oils.