Come and discover a photo exhibition on the Forébio stand!


Forty-six percent, i.e nearly one farmer in two, will be retiring by 2026 (figures from MSA). With the number of people suffering from hunger continuing to increase worldwide and with protection of our natural resources high on the political agenda, should we be worried?

According to the politicians at the Organic World Congress in early September, the answer is yes, and it’s becoming urgent to find solutions. For Forébio, an organic farmer group federation, this is a matter of major concern that we think we can solve by developing organic, rigorous and sustainable farming which increasingly meets consumer expectations, i.e. eating healthily while protecting the planet (illustrated by a 15% rise in organic consumers in 2020).

This growth is encouraging, just like the high number of farmers setting up in organic farming. But what can be done to make young people, consumers and potential customers take more interest in organic food? After numerous brainstorming sessions/debates at Forébio, the answer became clear to us: go out to meet the farmers in our network to promote their know-how and the values they convey, through a national, dynamic and modern communication campaign entitled “The journey to the future of agriculture, at the heart of organic farmland”

So in May 2021, two young people set off to meet the farmers in our network, behind the wheel of a car decorated with Forébio branding: Thomas, a photographer, for the artistic and communication side, and Alexandre, a livestock farmer by trade, for the agricultural aspect. 

They produced over 600 photos and met around 30 enthusiastic organic farmers with a wide array of concerns. 


Since spring, we have been communicating about these men and women who work daily to feed us healthily by telling their story via Facebook and Instagram posts. Our ambition is also to make the organic farming profession more attractive and encourage young people, and others, to set up and invest in a type of agriculture that provides a solution to tomorrow’s food challenges.


The first results of this work will be on display at Natexpo from 24 to 26 October in Villepinte with a photo exhibition on our Forébio stand (S41 and T41) illustrating different skills, faces, etc. Thomas, the action photographer, will be there to share his impressions of these meetings and to pass on the “word from the organic farmland.” Our chairman, Mathieu Lancry, will also be speaking to reiterate the model we defend at Forébio, based on fair trade and rigorous organic agriculture. Other photos will also be on display at the show, on our members’ stands and on the Natexbio/La Maison de la bio stand, our main partner.

We hope to see many of you at our stand so that we can tell you more about the values that guide us and the vision of our organic farmers.

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